Thursday, March 29, 2012

First Gradient and Second Stamping

As I explained in my last post that I will be going on vacation to the warmer state Alabama! Leaving at 5:00am Friday Morning :) For the occasion I wanted to have a bright mani. Bought all my neons and than got creative.
For the main color I choose NYC: Water Street Blue, 2 coats and topped it with Orly: Love Each Other, but not on my ring fingers. For my gradient colors I choose, in order from bottom to top of nail- Studio M: Neon Greenlight, Art Club Nailart Duo: Neon Yellow, China Glaze: Orange Knockout (Neon), and lastly Studio M: Neon Pink. For my stamp I choose the Palm Tree design that came with Salan Express and used my Black Nail Art from Art Club.

I am totally obsessed with how this mani came out!! More neon colors and styles to come while I am on my vacation, since it just seems suitable! Next post might not be till Saturday or Sunday fyi, ill be on the road!
Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

First Stamping Experience

When I started to search blogs I found out about a technique: nail stamping! I searched online and found that its pretty inexpensive so I HAD to have it, like all the other new nail polish products I hear about :) From there I found that bloggers called it Konading and that Konad was the main brand, with that I tried to find it at my local Sally store and was sad to hear they have nothing for nail stamping! Than I found out about the As Seen On TV, Salon Express, bought it at Rite Aid and here I am today!
I started with base coat Revlon Colorstay: Blue Slate. To add some shine since alone it's alittle boring I added Nicole by OPI: Count on Me. I liked the effect of this alot surprisingly! Top coat with Out the Door. Now to start with the nail stamping I used my Art Club Nail Art Duo white paint for the design. Choose a really simple design to start with, and I stamped! The flower design was my first and you can see how hard it is to center on the nail, so I tried a different design, the fireworks, centered better that time!
All I have to say is, easy but I need lots of practice!
Is this a worthy enough first try in your mind?
How do you feel about Konading/Nail Stamping??
Look forward to more designs to come!! :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Mature Look

So today I decided to wear a dark more "mature" look. I had my internship meeting so I wanted to look more professional, than I added a touch of flare when I got home :) I still think its classy, plus my next few post my be more bright/obnoxious since I'll be going on vacation Friday!!
So to start I did two layers of NYC-Manhattan, this is what I wore for my meeting. Than I added a simple diagonal strip through the nail with scotch tape of Essie Luxeffects-Shine of the Time. Than my top coat Out the Door. I LOVE the effect of Shine of the Time, when I first bought it I tried it with ever color I had, never found one it looks bad on :) I do prefer it with darker colors cause it pops more and you can see all the different colors!
I just bought a nail stamping kit, so look forward to seeing some stamping designs!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Blue Patchwork

I have been looking for a light blue that only takes one coat to cover,and I am proud to say I have found one! Another Studio M polish, sorry for the continuous brand use but for 2.99 a bottle I'm sold.
Start off with the Studio M: Whose That Girl, than I choose certain patches to tape off to paint my second color with Sally Girl Mini's: White, and my last color was Revlon Colorstay: Blue Slate. For my top coat I chose to add some sparkle and used Northern Lights a Hologram Top Coat.
This is another style to do patchwork in, instead of four squares, I love these colors together, a gradient would be neat with maybe another blue in between.
How do you feel about it?

Friday, March 23, 2012


Welcome All! I am very excited to share my designs, and how I got here. I have loved painting my nails since I have ever knew how to. BUT! I was a bad kid and bit my nails and always hated having my stubby nails be seen so wouldn't paint them :(  I have become way to obsessed with all the new things I have discovered in the Nail Polish world. I started finding blogs of others who design and became inspired! Once I found my local Sally Beauty Store all the possibilities became real. Its the one thing that I can buy a lot of and it never goes bad, plus it's barely expensive! I"m a cheapy so me being able to do my own nails, once I can get them longer also, will be the beginning of an exciting world! Can't wait for you all to see what I have come up with and for you to share your ideas also!

Well I Lied..

So I didn't keep my mani more than a day, but that's because I wanted Coloricon to be on ALL my nails!
I very rarely wear one color on all my nails, but this one is just to wonderful!! I am definitely going to be buying the rest of this collection very soon. Also I highly suggest you to as well! The pictures are not worthy enough to what it really looks like, trust me! Happy Friday!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lust an Accent Finger

OMG!! I love this one, will probably last more than one day :) It's a purple mani, but of course my camera makes it seem more blue :(
First coat is Orly: Charged up, than to get more of a shine I used Studio M: Lust. For my accent finger I used my Wet n Wild, Coloricon: Speak When Spoken To. For my top coat I am trying Out the Door instead of SV. I think I like this one better, less smell and same results without shrinkage of the polish.
I know I have used the Coloricon color alot, but I just love it to much! I wish the picture would show the gradient better, I find myself staring at it randomly :D
Whats one of your favorite polishes you find yourself using alot?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Total Wow, With an Accent Finger

This mani is inspired by the blue skies on this day of 90 degrees in March!! Gosh I love this weather.
This was a simple mani, two coats of Studio M: Total Wow, expect only one coat on my accent finger. Than one coat of Nicole by OPI: A Million Sparkles for my accent finger. Top coat of SV to finish it off.
I love this mani, the sparkles are my favorite. The formula for A Million Sparkles is the best I have used, it covers the entire nail with one coat. I actually bought this color thinking it was gaudy looking in the bottle and would have fun trying to make it work. :D You cant see it in my picture very well, but the sparkles are small blue as the base, with little bigger silver circles, and than some pink fetti. If it didn't have the pink fetti it would be less gaudy for sure.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Black and Silver Squares

Here is one of the many patchwork nails you will see me post. I love these designs and incorporating four and three colors at a time.
 For the first color I used my favorite silver chrome, Sally Hansen Fast Dry: Silver Sweep. It only needs one coat and dry's SO fast don't even need to add SV to speed up drying time. Next I tape off a square and added Icing: Glamourous, than SV. Then same process for next square with using Nicole by OPI: Follow me on Glitter, part of the Kardashian Kolors Collection. I really liked how this looked but my original plan was to add black...

 And tah dah! my finished patchwork. I wanted to have a black and silver mani and chose 2 sparkles in each color to give me my four colors! So much fun.

Ehh Pink Mani

Well this will be one of the few pink mani's ill do. I am not a huge fan of pink in general you'll see alot more purple mani's from me. I do like the design, it was my first time using a nail art pen so I can see I need alittle more practice with a steady hand.
For my base I used Studio M:Thunderbolt, just one coat. Than I taped off diagonally and applied Icing: Glitteratti, one coat of SV. Then using Art Club Nail art Duo: White, I used the pen and drew a line to help distinguish the separation. This nail polish dried really fast I was delighted by that. Than I decided to use my matte finish from NYC color to finish my mani off. Matte over any sparkly nail polish gives it a neat finish, if you have never done it, do so immediately!
Hope there are some pink lovers out there that appreciate this design. Unfortunately it only lasted over night on me :S.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Periwinkle Mani

The weather has been so nice that I wanted to brighten my nails up and periwinkle is such a springy color! You don't see much of this color.
I walked by the display for Nicole by OPI, Kim Kardashians Colors and love the new color Nothing Kim-Pares to Blue. In my picture it shows up a lot, but  they blend better in real life so to say. The color is very delicate and has alittle shimmer to it. Next for the middle stripe I tape off 3/4 of the nail with scotch tape and apply Wet n Wild: Rain Check. Lastly is my new favorite polish that Wet n Wild has came out with. There are 5 new colors from Wet n Wild Coloricon Be Jeweled Collection.

I have mine pictured above, you can kind of see all the sparkles but not the gradient in the polish. The name of this one is Speak when Spoken To, I applied this for the top stripe and than a coat of SV to finish the mani.
You can kind of see how my lines are diagonal instead of plan horizontal. Also ignore the shininess of my cuticles, wasn't completely perfect with my SV.
Hope everyone loves this one!

Friday, March 16, 2012

St Patty Day!

I'm so fortunate my first design post will be for St Patty's Day! Not that I am a huge fan of this holiday but hey way not wear some green nails, when else would be an excuse to?
So to begin with for this mani, I started with the Nicole by OPI, Kardashian Kolor Collection: Khloe had a Little Lam-Lam one coat, than my top coat SV. Next I covered that with Essie's: Dive Bar. I thought that it would give it more shine than it actually did, so really you could skip this step. Now to add my design I used craft scissors you find at any store. I got a tub of 12 scissors at Hobby Lobby for 6.50! Love me some bargains. With those I cut some circle labels, since my scissors don't cut my normal scotch tape. Taped off half of my nail vertically and applied Sinful Colors: Mint Apple. Than the top coat SV to finish it off :)
You could do this design with so many different colors and ways. The Nicole by OPI color is really wonderful for a green. I can see myself wearing it on its own for a simple mani. Dive Bar by Essie was disapointing, the color in the bottle looks way better than on the nail.
Hope you enjoyed this mani, and have fun tomorrow for St Patty's Day!!