Monday, April 23, 2012

butter LONDON!

Yes you have all read the title right, I finally found a store with Butter London and so much more!  All thanks to a coworker of mine I found another nail polish store close to me :D You can't imagine how excited I was, when I first walked in it felt like heaven. Ulta is the name of my new found love and what brands it had that made me really excited was butter LONDON, Zoya, and Layla Holograms. I see so many blogs with awesome brands and colors that I wish were sold at a store near me since I refuse to pay shipping on nail polish.
Now about my mani I choose Butter London Knackered because of the sweet chore color with hologram specs. For $14 a bottle I wasn't choosing any old color. I have read a post about this color so I knew it was going to apply very sheer, I applied Sally Hansen Insta Dri Silver Sweep as base color. I figured the silver wouldn't over power but add to the chrome. Sadly I was wrong, I still had to apply about 5! coats of the polish to get it to a color I liked. Top coat with Out the Door.
The color is really pretty in the light, but the chrome doesn't show much usually just looks silver with specs, but this could also be because of my base coat silver. I wasn't to impress with the brush and how sheer the formula was, especially since it was costly. This will probably be my only butter LONDON, but I will continue to find a color that it will look amazing on!

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