Sunday, April 15, 2012

Water Marbling Experince

So I did it, I tried out water marbling... WOW is this a hard technique. First I had to play around and see which of my nail polishes would spread in the water, than I had to see if they would work together. I found that some didn't spread if it was the second ring. The next problem was that it would dry to fast that I couldn't draw a design, or that my design wouldn't turn out. Once I found out the brands that worked best for me, I went shopping for more colors!! China Glaze, Orly, and Sally Hansen, are the three that I found work the best.
For mine I used China Glaze: Shower Together, Orly: Plum Noir, and Sally Hansen: Silver Sweep. The colors I used for the rest of my nails was Orly: Close Your Eyes. It's a shiny version of the Plum Noir. Top Coat of Out the Door.
I really liked the color combination of this mani, but I do wish I could of captured better parts of the water marble. This technique will take more practice, definitely will be seeing more soon.


  1. It looks super cute! I did an accent nail too, I love how that looks!

  2. I think you did a fantastic job, for your first time especially! My first time was not anywhere near as successful as this! lol :)

    1. Thanks!! I 'studied' others for about an hour before I even attempted it :)

  3. This is really great for the first time. I too really was awful my first time. I am still not much better, ha ha! Nice color choices!

  4. Its a hard technique - I had trouble figuring out witch polishes worked too - haha - I cant believe you went shopping for more colors
    well - all your trouble paid off - cause it looks great


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