Saturday, May 26, 2012

Better than Sex Water Marble

In the Sun!
We have all heard about better than sex desserts, here is a water marble that is very fitting to this title. I have searched for a sparkle polish that you can marble with and finally found Color Club Take Wing Collection. These polishes are beautiful in the bottle and for such a cheap price I bought them all :D
To start with I used my Layla Hologram: Mercury Twilight 3 coats for base. For the Marbling Colors I used Color Club: Metamorphosis, Fly With Me, and Wing Fling. Top coat of Out the Door.
There you have it, the polishes to have the better than sex nail design. Of course you can choose differnt colors for the design but the key to making it shine like no other is the Hologram base color! Your really cant get enough of it when your in the sun, which is perfect for summer time!!
Right Hand, Shade
Left Hand, Shade

Thumb, In the Sun. Check out the Hologram

Thumb, In the Shade
 Have you found other sparkle polishes that work with water marbling?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Another Water Marble

Well my last water marble didn't last very long, I wasn't a huge fan of the swirl design so I had to do another one with my basic design.
Base color I used China Glaze: White on White, for the marble colors I used all China Glazes: Afterglow, Liquid Leather, and Mediterranean Charm. Than I went over it with the Afterglow for more of a shinny effect.
It didn't turn out as I hoped but I still like the colors. The black looks more like a navy with the Afterglow top coat luckily the colors still work. Sorry for the ding in my middle finger, seems like I always get a couple dings when water marbling.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Swirl Marble Attempt

Wow did I have a busy weekend, defiantly can tell summer is here. Had my college graduation, my sister and cousin High School Graduation, plus my cousin had her baby! So to get back at doing my nails I tried a new marble design.
Used all China Glazes for this one, starting with the base coat White on White, than for marble colors I used the White on White, Recycle, and Mediterranean Charm. Top coat of Northern Lights.
This was a fun design for marbling, its hard to make the swirls turn out close to the same was my only problem. Which I guess gives it a interesting touch but I may be a little OCD on my nails...
Do you like to have your water marbles match or have different designs?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Art In Motion

So I am sure you have all seen or heard about the collection Pure Ice created, and if not prepare yourself to run to your closest Walmart and pick up a set of these polishes. Its a new spin to crackle polish. Its alot of fun, I can see kids enjoying this alot as well
You start with the Magic Base coat, which is plain white. Than you have the crackle colors that go on top which changes the white into colors, magical! There are 6 colors in the collection I bought 3 and choose to use them all in my design by stripping. Purple is Vintage Remix, Pink is Glam Rock, and Blue is Rock Star. Top coat of Out the Door.
This is so easy to do, so many design you can do. Visit this link for more designs: Vinyl Remix. This is much easier to do than having to have different base colors under a crackle design.
More design will come later this week :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Polka Dots

This is a fun mani, so simple and can be fun to do with a combination of any colors!
My base color was NYC: Sidewalkers. The colors I used for dotting was China Glaze: Stone Cold, Sally Hansen: Silver Sweep, Nicole by OPI: Follow me on Glitter, Sally Girl: White, Art Club Nail Art Duo Pen: Black.
I don't have a dotting tool, so I just used the brushes to try and make dots. I like how they aren't perfect dots makes its more abstract.
I got a compliment at work with these "Your nails are sweet as shit" :)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Metallic Gradient

LOVE this mani sooo much! When I found these colors by themselves I had a epiphany, boy did it turn out great.
Started with Sally Hansen Insta Dri: Silver Sweep, sponged on China Glaze: Avalanche than Harmony. Applied butter LONDON: Knackered for some sparkle and shine. Top coat of Out the Door.
I loved how the colors in the bottle looks by each other so I had to share, is it just me or are they fantastic?

Sparkle Gradient

Well I finally am backing off the water marbles for this post, I am in the mood for some sparkle on the sunny day. Gradients have seem to be popular so I joined the wagon.
One coat of China Glaze: Mediterranean Charm than China Glaze: After Glow. For the sparkle I used Wet n Wild Coloricon: Jewels for your Highness. Top coat of Out the Door.
On my ringer finger I covered the complete nail in sparkle rather than gradient to  make it more interesting. I love how bright the pink is and the sparkles pop off of it.
Have you jumped on the gradient wagon also?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Purple Marble :D

Wahoo, I finally am able to do a marble in my favorite color! Love the colors so much.
Base coat was Zoya: Kendal, marbling colors was China Glaze: VIII and Harmony, than I used butter LONDON: Knackered. Top coat of Out the Door.
I was very surprised that the butter LONDON worked for marbling, of course this color didn't really show much since its so sheer but you can see a little of the holo glitters. I like the idea of having the base coat show thru and using a sheer color in the marbling to show it.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Orange Marble

I have been loving water marbles lately, I wear these ones longer cause they are so neat. Lately any nail polish I have bought I have made sure it would work for marbling, now I have lots of choices :)
This marble started with two coats Studio M: Honey Love. For the marbling colors I used OPI: A Paz-itively Hot, Sally Hansen Insta Dri: Snappy Sorbet, and Studio M: Honey Love. Top coat of Out the Door.
These colors together are very pretty but not for my skin type unfortunately. If they could pop alittle more it would be gorgeous.
What do you think?

Friday, May 4, 2012

Blue Water Marble

This is by far my best water marble to date, love the shapes I was able to create and it turned out great on both hands! It is always so hard for me to get my left hand good, being left handed, but I got it this time :D

To start I did 3 coats of Wet n Wild Megalast: Break the Ice, I didn't use plain white cause last time it showed thru in spots and I hated it. For my marbling colors I did. China Glaze: Shower Together, Blue Iguana, and Studio M: Whose that Girl. Top coat of Out the Door. It is actually hard to see the three colors cause Blue Iguana is Glittery but blends in with Shower Together. Next time I will have to remember to change the order so it is separated from Shower Together.
I choose blue colors because its my Sisters prom tomorrow and that is the color of her dress! I wish she was letting me do this on her nail,  but of course she wants a french mani done with her fake nails :P Instead of using the petroleum jelly like last time I used tape and defiantly will continue with this method.
When you water marble do you start with your good hand first? I think next time I will be switching it up.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Haleys Comet

Here is another nail polish that I found on my Ulta trip, I saw this one on a blog and was so excited to find it for myself! This is part of Orly's Cosmic Collection. It is so worth paying $10 for, so glittery. In the bottle it looks really blue, and also in my picture but in real life on my nails it turned out more green.
I started with Rue 21: Cotton Candy scented polish, one coat of Orly: Haleys Comet. I decided my star stamp is suitable for this color, so I taped off an angle and stamped with Konad white.
Very simple mani but the color out does it for this one. Could see myself wearing just Haleys Comet on its own in the near future. Do you own one of Orly's Cosmic Collection?