Monday, June 25, 2012

Foil Transfer First Attempt

Here is my first try at using Transfer Foils. I got these beauties from the Dollar Nail Art Store. For only a dollar you get a long roll and it only takes about 6 inches to do both hands. They are very simple to apply, you get adhesive cover the entire nail wait 5 minutes than you rub on the foil and pull it off! The pattern stay on as long as you applied enough glue. They have SO many different patterns, I can't wait to try out the other 5 I bought.
So shiny in the sun!
To start my base coat was Orly: Close Your Eyes, I applied the adhesive on a diagonal line than used my Foil Transfer named Rainbow Swirl. Used my Sally Hansen: Top Coat, the directions claim if you use a Quick Dry top coat will cause the nail foil to shrink. To apply the glitters I used Studio M: Stuck on You, than my top coat of Out the Door.
The tips don't look the best but I will be working on perfecting this nail art! How do you feel about nail foils?

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