Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Stash

I have decided to share picture of my stash with you today. I love seeing other bloggers and decided that it would be neat to have a picture of what I started with and than after a year see how much it grew!
Now the containers I use are different from other bloggers, their stash is more stationary I like to be able to carry mine around. My sister likes me to bring my stash home on days I visit, and lately my cousins have been asking for mani so this will make that easier than having them come to my small house with 2 roommates.
The clear container on top has all my nail art and stamping equipment, I just bought that this morning since all I had was the boxes from shipping. The green lid containers is full of my more high end polishes, with cotton balls and remover laying on top. The pink container has nail cutters and files in the pink compartments than it has a tray on the top that I keep my nail treatments and french manicure polishes. The bottom of the container is full of department store polishes ones that I have had since a kid to.
All these containers I have bought at Hobby Lobby you can get them so cheap with the 40% off coupon!
Grand Total of all nail polishes is 147!! Can't wait to see what I have in a year!

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