Saturday, June 30, 2012


I barely ever post twice in one day but today has been the most perfect day ever! Beach was amazing, got a nice photo of my peacock nails in the sand. The weather was nice the entire time, got some nice pictures and safely made it back home. What did I see when I got home you ask? My two packages that I ordered!! I am overly excited for this batch of mail because its holds new brands for me :) I told myself that I am not to order any more nail polish till I get me another job, but I stumbled upon Rebecca Likes Nails blog I got overwhelmed. She has so many post of swatches and included a link to site to get Kleanocolor for 1.75 ea.! I was sold, than I have also been wanting to buy from Llarowe to get the brand Hits, so when she posted about the brand Glitter Gal that is also sold on Llarowe I had to get one of her colors. So with out further ado, picture of my new polishes!!
O I might of forgot to add that half of these are Holos!! My only one disappoint from these are that the Glitter Gal is SOO small. Ill have to use that sparingly which is hard cause I've seen so many designs done with it. Now my problem is where do I start?? I almost want to do a skittle so I can try more than one at a time! Hint to next post :) Let me know what you would like to see and I'll get to it!

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