Friday, June 29, 2012

Sparkle Peacock!

As I posted last week I bought the Bundle Monster Set and the ever so popular peacock stamp is the one reason I really wanted it. This mani has alot of different styles and here is mine!
To start with I did a vertical gradient which is different from horizontal ones. The colors I used were Orly: Halleys Commet, Nicole by OPI: Kendal on the Katwalk and Nina Ultra Pro: Purplin-Xing. I used plate BM-212 and stamped with Sally Hansen: Silver Sweep. Added blue dots with dotting tool and used Color Club: Sky High.
I wish I had a gold metallic that I could have stamped with instead but make do with what we have! I also cut my nails down some cause my pointer finger keeps peeling at the tips so going to try and stop this! More stamping to come now that my nails aren't long. This sparkle is going to look amazing when I go to the beach tomorrow!!
How do you like my version?

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