Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Holo Gradient

I recently bought Spectraflair top coat off of etsy from Pretty Polish, and have been wanting to do a fun design with it. I decided upon doing a gradient since it has also been awhile since I have done one. This is also my first time using three colors for a gradient rather than two.
Colors I used were, Zoya: Kendal, OPI: Pamplona Pink, Orly: Plum Noir, Spectraflair Top Coat.
Macro shot of the holo greatness!

Here is a picture also of just the gradient alone, which is gorgeous also!
Wow I love this mani! The holoness is amazing, and the colors are gorgeous. I think I am going to like the spectraflair topcoat alot. It is the cheapest holo top coat that also comes in a 15mL bottle rather than smaller bottles like Glitter Gal and Hits.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Guest Post- HeartNAT

Today I have a guest post from the lovely Natalie over at heartNAT, I am honored to have her guest post for me. Make sure to check out her blog at heartNAT, she does wonderfully nail stamping work!!

"Hi Nail Polish Creations readers! I'm Natalie from heartNAT and Lisa asked me to do a guest post for her. I was a little hesitant at first because I've never done one before, but I decided to go for it! There's a first time for everything right?
The main method I use to do my nail art is stamping so I decided to go with that. For this mani I used China Glaze Urban Night and then stamped using Konad M70 in Essie Nothing Else Metals. The polish I used to stamp with is from the new Essie Mirror Metallics collection and in case any of you are wondering, they are all wonderful polishes to stamp with!"
Isn't this mani beautiful!! Its flawless! I will defiantly try out stamping with my Essie Mirror Metalics, who doesn't love some blingy nail stamping?
Thanks so much Natalie for this guest post!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fathers nail, Michigan!!

Yes you read my title correctly, my dad let me paint one of his nails on vacation also. My dad is in the same mind set of the other males that have nail blogs, he doesn't see what the big deal is. He has always let me and my sis paint his thumbs when we would go camping and being that I have shown some talent lately he wanted a special design!
Block M it is! My family is huge Michigan fans so this was not surprising. Our basement design theme is Michigan, we have a huge block M on the wall surrounding it with the Big 10 symbols. I only had one yellow that qualified for Michigan Maize, he didn't even mind the sparkle. :)
 Three coats of Color Club: Daisy Does It and used OPI: Russian Nacy for the Block M. Top Coat of Out the Door.
Another part of the story is that I had to do this design twice... he was not patient enough and tried to change his clothes right away... major fail. When I was done doing his his nail for the second time he sat down for a nap, and to his surprise I painted his toes a sparkle bomb!! He didn't even feel it or notice it when he put his socks on!! Not till later that night he comes back from the shower and said "my thumb is still good!", so we asked if his toes were to... :) Now those were a sight at the beach the next day!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mani for my Sister

Today's mani was inspired by a picture on pinterest. I bookmark nails that I someday want to do and went thru those to help my sister decide on her mani. Right when I showed her this one she immediately wanted it! We changed the design a little by adding accent nails with a different color, and I think it made it turn out great. Sorry for the blurriness of the picture, I forgot to snap a good one before I left.
I also don't remember every color we used, I know most of them where China Glaze. To achieve this look I used a paint brush to draw on the 'petals' I am not sure how they were done in the original picture. I like how her lines are smoother but at the same time I think mine makes it look like watercolor painting. I may end up doing this mani again cause I loved the turn out!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympics 2012

In light of the opening ceremony for Olympics 2012 in London I have a themed mani! Featuring medals and the Olympic Symbol
Colors I used was Wet N Wild: French Creme, China Glaze: Red Pearl, Frostbite, Nicole by OPI: Khloe had a little lam lam, Color Club: Daisy Does it, Essie: Gold as gold, Penny Talk, Sally Hansen: Silver Sweep, Art Club Pen Duo: Black. Top coat of Out the Door.
This turned out so well, I love this mani sooo much. My absolute favorite mani that I have done so far!
Go USA!! :)

Pink Floral Stamp, for my Cousin

Today I have a mani I did for my cousin, they came to visit us at our campground. She was so excited with how I did the nail stamping she told her mom that she wants one!! I love the color and design she picked out kids do have great ideas!
I started out with a white base coat, and used China Glaze for the color, forgot to right it down... Stamped with a BM plate with white Konad and top coat of out the door!
I hope this design stays on long for her, I had a great time doing them and I could tell she loved them!! Sometimes the most beautiful mani's come simply by stamping over your favorite color!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Watermelons, by my Sister

My sister asked to do my nails while on vacation, she was very excited to use my tools and show me what she can do! We almost ended up doing lady bugs but she decided on Watermelons, which I have been wanting to do so it worked out well!
To start with my base colors for the accent nails was Nicole by OPI: Khloe had a Little Lam Lam, and for the other three nails base coat was China Glaze: Mediterranean Charm. For the lighter green rind part Zoya:  Wednesday. She applied the strips using the dotting tool on the accent fingers, and used a brush for the French Tip. Using my Nail art Duo Pen: Black, she drew on the seeds.
It was alot of fun showing her how to use the dotting pen and brush. She struggle to start but I think she got the hang of it on the third nail. I was happy to see her enjoy doing my nails but she still has alittle work to get to my level ;)
Don't you think these look pretty good!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Water Marble for Mom

While I was on vacation I had the chance to do my mom's nails. One of the thing my family was always curious of was how I did the water marbles, so everyone gathered around and watched... I have been wanting to marble with my new Zoya's and since they are pastels my mom was up for it!!
First off start with a white base, I used Wet n Wild, French Creme. Marbling colors were Zoya: Wednesday, Shelby, and Kendal. Shelby was used for the rest of the fingers as well. Top coat of Out the Door.
I now love marbling with Zoya, by far it is the best water marbling brand!! I was very happy with how it turned out and my mom loved it also!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Detroit Tigers!

On my vacation I went to a Tigers Game! Rode a party bus down to Detroit to celebrate my friends 21st birthday!! This mani is awesome, I love theme manis!
To start I used China Glaze: White on White on all nails. To achieve the orange I used China Glaze: Orange Knock Out 3 coats on the three fingers. For the dark blue I used OPI: Russian Navy, and hand drew on the Detroit Tiger symbol and some tiger stripes. For the baseball design I used my Art Club Nail Art Pen: Red. Top coat of Out the Door on all nails.
Didn't this turn out amazing!!! Free-handing the D took alot of patients and turned out better than I thought it would. The Tigers played the White Sox and won 4-2, was a great game!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Dot Gradient

I just got back from vacation!! Sorry about the absence, some fun mani will follow this week but for now here is a super easy and fun mani! Using dotting tools you create a gradient of large to small dots from the base to tip of your nail. I used three dot sizes, since my nails are shorter I didn't need to add to many.
All my colors are Zoya, base: Cho, dot colors: Shelby and Wednesday. Top coat of Out the Door
 Cho is my first nude color, it was a great application with two coats. I like using a neutral color and adding some brighter colors to it. This will be a fun design to try with many different color combinations.
Any ideas on what colors I should do next?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Contest Winner

Well I didn't win the contest I posted earlier today, BUT I am featured as one of their favorites here. That alone is a great honor!! Please spread the word on my blog and thanks for all who have joined and gave me ideas, along with compliments!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Ehhh Funky?

Soo you probably are all wondering what is she thinking. The picture above was my inspiration to the mani below... funky is how I describe this mani. I am entering a contest with this mani and are instructions was to create a mani inspired by the above picture. My first thought was "What in the World am I going to do?" I found a pattern in the picture that I really liked and recreated it to the best of my ability :).
The colors I used were NYC- Water Street Blue (light blue), China Glaze: Blue Iguana (medium blue), OPI: Russian Navy (dark blue), OPI: Pamplona Purple and La Pazitively Hot (pink). With my dotting tool I used NYC and created the big bold dots. Top coat Out the Door. I made the curved lines by hand also.
I debated doing a water marble with the purple and pinks but I am quite pleased with how good I got it to look by hand.
Don't worry everyone I did not wear this one out of the house! It would probably of gotten some very interesting responses. To me its to many things going on at once, but than again that's exactly how the picture looks to! I think I aced this one, wish me luck in this contest!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Half Moon Mani

Today I have my first attempt at Half Moon Mani's. I was able to use my mani from yesterday to create today's mani :) I feel so eco friendly by updating mani's!
So I started with my base of Essie: Penny Talk. Used circle labels to tape the half moon shape. My other design color is China Glaze: Prey Tell. Than top coat of Out the Door.
Prey Tell is part of the China Glaze Safari Collection. Its a deep brown with a red tint, this creme is amazing to apply! These two colors together are perfect together, I am not to sure how I like the design but it was an easy design to once again spruce up day old mani's :)
Do you like how I am redoing old mani's into new ones?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sparkle Tips With Copper

As much as I loved the copper from yesterday I HAD to add this color to my mani. Of course you can't go wrong with some glitter tips.

The color is Orly: Ingenue. I used a make up sponge to add glitter tips, than top coat of Out the Door.
This Orly is SO pretty, its a brown/pink/gold sparkle. I consider it a sparkle duo chrome since it shifts colors. It is absolutely gorgeous in the sun as you can see, it might even be better than a Hologram! Simple but beautiful.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Peny Talk, Swatch

Today I have one of the new Essie Mirror Metallics. I bought two of them one being the penny talk and gold as gold. They have some other great ones but these two stuck out to me.
I applied two coats of the Essie: Penny Talk. Top coat of Out the Door. The application was really good compared to other Essie's I have.
You really do get a finish that is almost reflective, and the copper is so pretty I don't have any color that is even close to this. One of my favorites so far this summer :) Hopefully the gold will be as good.
Do you like this metallic?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

BAM! Purple Sparkle!!

I have found the BEST light purple sparkle :) If you remember a couple months ago I found the best dark purple sparkle. I am pretty sure this one is now my favorite of all time. It isn't a new color just one that I found a swatch of on a random blog and decided I must order it!
To start the mani I used Wet n Wild- On a Trip as my base, 1 coat. Than for the sparkle it is China Glaze: Marry A Millionaire, 1 coat also. Top coat of Out the Door.
This polish was SO easy to apply and you only needed one coat. This is a different glitter bomb because it has stringy glitter (see picture above) such a pretty macro shot. You can also see the green glitters, that makes it so interesting to look at! Overall this mani is supper shiny in the sun which is perfect for this summer :)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Jungle Queen, "Clouds"

This is a fun and easy mani! This design has a tutorial at Nailside to view click here. There is also a way to do this mani with scrapbook scissors and tape. Since it is so simple to do by hand there isn't much need to have to wait for polish to dry and than apply tape and so on.
For the design my base coat is China Glaze: Jungle Queen. This is a beautiful Mauve Gray color, part of the Safari Collection China Glaze just put out. It has the smallest bit of pink shine to it, was hard for me to capture in a picture.
For the first cloud color I used China Glaze: Harmony than Orly: Fowl Play top coat of Out the Door. Fowl Play is another really awesome color, I will hopefully swatch it soon so you can see the glitter and flakes this polish has.
I love this design so much, probably because of the purple :) Even on my short nails it looks amazing! How do you feel about it?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Guest Post- The Polish Perfectionist

Hello everyone! In my recent event of having to cut my nails short due to flaking and weak nail tips I asked Laura from The Polish Perfectionist blog to share her intelligence on the issue. If you haven't yet seen her blog you NEED to check it out!! Her blog title portrays exactly how her mani's look, like perfection, I am sure we all  hope to have her nails someday.

One of her more recent mani's that I absolutely feel in love with is her water marble flower (pictured below).  I love the pastel and how delicate this mani looks, I can't wait to try my own but with purple instead of pink :) Isn't this picture pure perfection?!?!
Without further ado, welcome-
Laura Nantz
Nail Technician/Makeup Artist/Esthetician
The Polish Perfectionist Blog (http://thepolishperfectioni.wix.com/home)
“When you have issues with dryness, flaking and weakness in your nail there are many things you can do to help with dry, flaking and weak nails. As a professional I recommend to my clients to invest in Biotin, Vitamin E and whole milk. A lot of times these issues are caused by protein and vitamin deficiencies and very often by continuous dehydration. Let me tell you a bit more about these products:
Biotin is part of the B vitamin family and is helpful not just in creating healthier nails but hair as well. Biotin is found in a lot of common foods like egg yolk and wheat bran. (Make sure to consult your doctor before starting a supplement)  *Remember* biotin is not an instant fix it will help your nails as they grow out so the current breaking or weakness you are experiencing needs to grow out but after a few months you will start to notice a difference.
Vitamin E is amazing on your cuticles! My clients always seem to forget that your cuticle needs to be healthy as well and vitamin E is a great solution. Vitamin E helps to moisturize your cuticles and to prevent dryness and it helps reduce the scaling and dry cracks on the skin and the cuticle. I suggest purchasing a bottle of Vitamin E soft gel tablets (Do Not Ingest) one pill a day should suffice for all 10 fingers and 10 toes. Just pierce a hole in the gel tablet and apply to the cuticle (not the nail). I recommend applying it before moisturizer around bedtime or after the shower.
Whole Milk is helpful for protein deficiencies in the nails. Nails are made of keratin and can become weak and can split if they are deficient. You can soak your and feet if necessary in whole milk once a week or you can change your diet! Other great sources for protein would be things like fish, red meat, chicken, eggs and quinoa.
Water…this is quite common sense. If your body is dehydrated it is going to pull moisture from anywhere it is available in the body so drink up!
Because I am an ecogeek I personally recommend organic or natural forms of all of these products. There are many more things that can be taken or recommended but this is my magical bundle of products I tell my clients to invest in.

How to get a clean finish to your manicures:
It is actually quite simple…a brush & a Q-tip!
 Many people get frustrated because of the trouble they have cleaning up that pesky cuticle line. I am a fan of using a brush dipped in nail polish remover to clean up the polish close to the cuticle. My favorite brushes are Square Flat fine art brushes. You can usually find them at Michaels for around $3. I prefer ones with long handles but to each his (or her) own.
For larger cleanup on the skin you can use a Q-tip dipped in remover but make sure to re-moisturize the area later. (I finish up my manicures with a small amount of Solar Oil to the skin around the nail.)”

Wasn't this great information!! I already use an angle brush with acetone to clean around my cuticles, and boy does it really make a difference! To make my nails stronger I am going to try Biotin as she suggested. Lets hope in a few months I have those perfect nails like Laura!

Thanks so much Laura! I hope everyone will benefit from this informative post as much as I have!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Quick Butterfly Stamp

I added this butterfly stamp to my mani from yesterday, I easily get bored with bare colors and this is a quick way to spruce them up! Stamp was from BM-205. Konad special black polish. Always love an accent finger!
What do you think?

Monday, July 9, 2012

Holo Blue, Kleancolor

 I mentioned that I wondered how the Kleancolor Holo's would look over a base color, so this post is an example of how the Holo Blue looks.
The base color I used was Kleancolor: Metallic Aqua, this was another one of my new colors. I was able to get away with one coat of Holo Blue since I used a base coat. Out the Door Top Coat.
It defiantly shines ALOT more having start with a metallic color as base. I think that the rest of my holos would also look good over the corresponding color from the metallic collection of Kleancolor.
Do you prefer these colors over a base also? or just 3 coats on their own?

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Skittle Art Work

I wanted to do some art work over my mani from two days ago, but I couldn't narrow it down to just one. So I did a combined number of designs. It is my first skittle art work mani, usually I stick with one design but I like how the hologram shows thru each of these designs.
I used the same color for all these designs it is China Glaze: Harmony a metalic puple. On the thumb I did a flower stamp from plate BM-12. On index fingers I used stripping tape, middle finger framed with glitters, ring finger a water marble, and pinky a gradient in dots. Top coat of Out the door on all nails.
I actually like this mani alot, shows all different nail art ideas. The dot gradient is alittle hard to notice but thats cause I only used one color. Usually you would do two, I will probably do full mani of these soon.
Which design is your favorite?

Friday, July 6, 2012

Hits, Dionisio

I hope everyone had a fantastic 4th of July! We have had a heat wave in Michigan past 3 days so I fugred perfect chance to do a holo. Wahoo my first Hits! Of course I choose a dark purple holo! We all know my love for purple, and boy does this suit me :)
Was three coats, which is usual for holos. Top coat of Out the Door didn't effect the holo either.
This is a linear holo as you can see in the picture, all in all a great polish to add to my holo collection.
Hope you enjoyed this small but amazing post.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My Sister's 4th of July Mani


I wasn't expecting to have another post for you today but my sister surprised me yesterday and wanted me to do a red, white, and blue mani. I wanted to share with you what we came up with.
A quick description of the nails, thumb and ring finger have horizontal red white and blue than stamped on a peace sign. The red was a China Glaze with Glitter Gal Holographic top coat. White was a transfer foil called Silver Dots, and the blue base coat was a China Glaze than topped with Kleancolor Glitter I received in the nail mail saturday. 
I liked how this turned out alot! I got to use alot of my new polishes and practice the foiling again. I wanted to make it really blingy for her to show her friends. I can't wait to hear what kind of compliments she got.
Enjoy this beautiful day!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Independence Day

Right hand (I'm left handed)
Tomorrow is the Independence day for the USA! Many bloggers are showing their spirit with there red, white, and blue manis. Hopefully you aren't sick of them by now cause I have mine to share. This is a full on nail art mani, lots of freehand :S.
For red nails base coat is China Glaze: Red Pearl I added Orly: Star Spangled (how fitting!) on top to add sparkly. For blue nails base coat was China Glaze: Frostbite and topped that with Blue Iguana to also add sparkle. I taped off lines with striping tape and used Sally Hansen French White Tip as white. I needed a very opaque white so no red would show thru. Than I top coated with Out the Door. Using my Nail Art Club Duo Pens Black I wrote America and USA, than with the white I free handed stars. Top Coat again of Out the Door.

Left hand :S
I am left handed so you barely see the left hand, but I decided that this one turned out well enough to show! You better bet I had to think of a smaller word than America to write on this hand since I was writing with my right hand, lol. My original plan was to stamp on stars, but can you believe out of the entire Bundle Monster set there wasn't a full nail let alone a single star stamp? This was very disappointing to me. In the end it turned out well so I guess no complaints here!
Is this in the top 10 as best 4th of July Mani? Everyone have a great 4th!

Monday, July 2, 2012

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Stamping over Kleancolor Skittle

So I stamped over my mani from yesterday. Please ignore the sloppiness of the pinky stamping. I used plate BM-201. Konad special Black and White polish. I had to do white over the blue since black would of been to dark. I love how the sparkle shows thru. These colors will be fun to play with this summer, and capture all the sparkle.

Polish  Wars blog is having a giveaway, check it out here ends 7/9/12

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Kleancolor Holo Skittle

If you saw my post late last night you know that I got my polishes in the mail, and I mentioned doing a Skittle Mani. I am most excited about the holos that I got so I wanted to start with them.
Each nail took three coats, the formula was expected of a holo just had a longer drying period. Mine don't look so much as linear holo more scattered, which is different from photos I saw online.
Color names are not to complicated there is Holo Green, Holo Orange, Holo Pink, Holo Blue and Holo Chrome. Top coat of Out the Door.
Captured the sparkle!
To me the chrome is a dark blue and it is probably my favorite of them all. I think lighter colors don't look that great as Holos. They also have a Holo Yellow I choose not to buy tho. My next idea for these is to start with a base coat that is similar so that it may only require one or two coats, and also how it looks over black and white.
For only 1.75 ea. I think they are great colors to have, cheaper way to get holos that for sure. The link is posted on the right side of my blog of where you can buy them, check out the Beauty Joint!
Which one is your favorite?