Friday, July 20, 2012

Ehhh Funky?

Soo you probably are all wondering what is she thinking. The picture above was my inspiration to the mani below... funky is how I describe this mani. I am entering a contest with this mani and are instructions was to create a mani inspired by the above picture. My first thought was "What in the World am I going to do?" I found a pattern in the picture that I really liked and recreated it to the best of my ability :).
The colors I used were NYC- Water Street Blue (light blue), China Glaze: Blue Iguana (medium blue), OPI: Russian Navy (dark blue), OPI: Pamplona Purple and La Pazitively Hot (pink). With my dotting tool I used NYC and created the big bold dots. Top coat Out the Door. I made the curved lines by hand also.
I debated doing a water marble with the purple and pinks but I am quite pleased with how good I got it to look by hand.
Don't worry everyone I did not wear this one out of the house! It would probably of gotten some very interesting responses. To me its to many things going on at once, but than again that's exactly how the picture looks to! I think I aced this one, wish me luck in this contest!!

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