Saturday, August 11, 2012

Nail Mail/Yellow-Orange Gradient

I got some great nail mail few days ago and now that I am caught up on my posting I can share with you my new goodies. Look at all the Color Clubs!! There is no store near me that sells this brand and yet it is my favorite! :( I got one color there that is for a coworker she wanted China Glaze: For Audrey, than I was searching for a yellow and green. One color that I am disappointed in is the China Glaze: Refresh-Mint, hopefully the color will turn out better in a mani.
To start with showing off the colors I have a fire like gradient. I Start with one coat of Color Club: Most Famous, with make up sponge apply Most Famous and Color Club: Lava Lamp. Top coat of Out the Door
I like how this color pops alot, the Lava Lamp is a neon orange/red so bright! I cold totally do a sweet fire mani with these colors!


  1. This is awesome! Did you do your gradient by painting onto the sponge or by mixing on a hard surface, then sponging it up and onto your nail?

    1. I paint it directly onto the sponge, I have tried the hard surface and get worse results...


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