Monday, August 13, 2012

Parties Over- Pretty Polish, Review

Today I have my first review post! Jeannette from Etsy store Pretty Polish sent me 4 samples of her new glitter polishes! I original bought the Spectrafliar top coat from her and loved it so much, after seeing my Holo Purple Gradient mani I did she asked for me to review some of her new glitters.
In her etsy store she has 9 new glitter polishes! She asked me to choose ones I like and was surprise to get them all plus an extra! There is a only two set of colors that are similar otherwise there is a great variety for you to choose from.
I am starting off with the one that I was most excited to try- Parties Over- "Is made up of 11 different matte glitters in various shapes and sizes in a clear base." A bottle of confetti is my description! I was really interested in the shape of the glitters, they aren't just circles more like shard's of glitter, you see triangles, rectangles with squares and circles I feel like the base isn't just clear but has some micro glitter also!
I swatch this glitter over 4 coats of Color Club: Pardon my French. You could really get away with any base color for this glitter, I choose a more pale base color to have the glitter shapes and colors show better. Since this polish is packed full of glitter you don't have to try and place glitter you get an even coat for the entire nail, this is always a plus!
Than for a more fun twist I decided to layer Pardon my French over it to create a "jelly sandwich" but with a very thin creme polish. I love how this turned out as well! It reminds me of frosting, which is close to the finish of one of her other glitters that I will have a review for this week.

To get this amazing polish for only $8 full size bottle, follow this link, and to see the rest of her glitter collection visit her etsy shop here.

*The products in this review were given/sent to me by Pretty Polish in exchange for my honest opinion. The opinions within this review are completely my own.*

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