Thursday, August 30, 2012

piCture pOlishes!!!

Ahhhh I can't even believe that I officially own some piCture pOlishes! Thanks to my new job I have told myself that I can splurge alittle and treat myself to some new lovelies that I would have never bought if I had my old job. I hope you all had the chance to grab some of these polishes during there sale of buy 6 get 2 free!!
Here are the eight I choose!
I asked on Facebook which one I should try first and the winner was honey dew. Here it is in three coats. Top coat of Out the Door.
It is sooo gorgeous! Perfect spring color application was amazing I don't think my nails have ever looked so nicely polished, either I am getting better at painting my own nails or the formula and brush are amazing!
Do you have a favorite piCture pOlish?


  1. I want(ed) Honey Dew that's such a pretty summer color to me! Good pick ups!

    1. Make sure you snatch it up! Totally worth the money, plus they have some sales going on now :)Check out thier page


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