Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pink Gradient for Mom

Today's mani is one I did. for my mom, she wanted one to go with the dress she wore for my friends wedding. She isn't one to wear to bright of colors so its usually hard figure out what to do, but thanks to  her dress I got to use some brighter pinks :)
First did a base coat of Orly: Flirty Girl. Colors I used for the gradient was Flirty Girl, Zoya: Shelby, OPI: La Paz-itively hot. Top coat of Out the Door,
Doesn't it look so pretty next to her dress?  I think this gradient was a great way to have something subtle but at the same time bright!


  1. Pretty gradient! I agree with you that it's subtle yet still bright. Matches very well with your mom's dress!

    1. Thanks so much!! She got lots of compliments :)


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