Sunday, August 5, 2012

Shatters/Crackle- Fail

Today I tried out some Color Club Shatters, they were on Clearance so I had to pick up a couple. I really wanted to get them all but I restrained myself since I don't wear shatters/crackles much. I choose the lime green and magenta color, these two stood out to me the most!
First off I have Color Club: Living on the Edge. You start with a base coat white, one coat of the shatter and let it dry. as you can see it turned the white into yellow. This disappointed me some, but it does still look amazing!
Than I had this brilliant idea in my head, and it turned into a fail... I added the magenta shatter: Crush on You, on top of the green and I thought I would end up with magenta with green shatter underneath... Instead I got brown crackle with yellow, scroll down to view this manstrasity.
The turn out was very disappointing, I am glad I ended up only getting two of these shatters. I have yet to do just the magenta over white, and now I am not sure if I will for awhile seeing how this turned out...
Have you had good luck with Color Club Shatters?

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