Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Silver Zebra

I have a quick post today, as I am trying to type this before I have to leave for work! I started my full time job this week so I am hoping to start doing some more mani's at night, which is the complete opposite of when I would usually do them. I am still getting use to being home by 530 and working 40 hr weeks, not that its bad, it is going great really :)
So to start I did two coats of Zoya: Feifei, this is a really sparkly blue/purple. I wanted to add a stamp on top so I used Sally Hansen: Silver Sweep with stamping plate BM-223. Top coat of Out the Door.
I am sure you also noticed my stubs I had two nails break on the sides so I trimmed them down :( I am seeing a great improvement in my nails strengths since I have been taking Biotin for almost 2 months I think this batch will grow out beautifully!
Also quick note I may be posting every other day instead of my daily posting for a while. I have alot of adjusting to do which may affect when I do my nails, but give me a week or so and I am sure I'll get back to daily postings :)
Enjoy this beautiful Tuesday!!


  1. Yeah, this is super gorgeous! How long did this lovely last on your nails?

    1. Three days! But only cause I wanted to do a new mani :)


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