Friday, September 28, 2012

Dare 2 Be Square, Swatch

I have another one of my new Treasure by Tan for my NOTD. This one is Dare 2 be Square. I choose to get this polish cause I don't have any square glitter polishes and the colors were gorgeous.
For my swatch I wanted to combine all the glitter colors into one mani so I can show how they look on all the colors. I choose to do a checkerboard accent nail since it is also squares! Swatch colors are Sally Hansen: Silver Sweep, Orly: Charged Up,  Zoya: Shelby, and Robyn. Top coat of Out the Door.
Glorious bottle shot :)
Look how cute Tanya wrapped the polishes for delivery, even in my favorite color!! :) This polish was a great application once you mix it up well, only required one coat. This is a super fun glitter top coat! Make sure to check her shop out here.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

LDTTWC, Day 6: They Sure Dont Make em Like They Used to

 Today's challenge is to recreate a mani that is inspired by a childhood game. One of my favorite games from my childhood is candy land. It was mostly because of the 'candy' part, eventhough you don't get to actually eat candy. It was a fun and brightly colored game for a kid to look at.
My base color is Zoya: Renee. For the gum drop I added some sparkle since it would have sugar on it. The candy symbols were done in random polishes I forgot to write them down :( Top coat of Out the Door.
For everyone who isn't a candyland expert you need to know that the squares with candy symbols on them are pink, and the four symbols I choose to represent is the candy cane, plum, lollipop, and gum drop.
Next week is the last week,  lets see how we are ending the challenge.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Voo Doo, Swatch

I have a new etsy polish to show you today. I have been doing so many swatches of all the ones I bought along with having the challenge I have had no time to post these. To start I have Treasures by Tan: Voo Doo.
We all know my love for purple so when I found this diamond shape purple glitter polish I HAD to buy it. Such a gorgeous bottle shot.
My base color is Color Club: Twiggie. One coat of Voo Doo. Top coat of Out the Door.
Application was great for this polish, I got a good variety of glitters on each nail with out placing them. I choose to layer over lime green since there is some light green hex glitter and plus purple and lime green are gorgeous together!! So happy I bought this color, and I am excited to show you my next one later this week. Make sure to check out her etsy site here.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

LDTTWC, Day 5- We Can Do It!!!

Another week of the time warp challenge! This one is probably the hardest for me, I am not a history buff AT ALL this made it really hard for me to think of influential women. Even though there are SO many women who have made their mark on history I just couldn't think of one. I finally came up with Amelia Earhart, we all know who she is so short and sweet she was the first aviatrix to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. 
For my nails I was inspired by her plane, the one she flew across Atlantic Ocean was red, Amelia's nickname for this plane was Red Bus. The model number on the plane was NR-7352 which was located on the wing of the plane. Here is a picture to show what I was going after..
So I decided to do a sky for background, its hard to see the clouds in the blue, but they are there! 
Colors used were Color Club: Take me to Your Chateua, China Glaze: White on White. I  used my Red and Black Nail Art Pen and Stripper for writing.
This is my least favorite of all the challenges so far, but I hope you like my outcome.

Monday, September 24, 2012

First OPI DS :)

I am very excited about my NOTD. When I first started blogging and checking out other blogs I seen lots of post of OPI DS Collections, the colors were always gorgeous. I never thought I would own one always wished upon a star for the chance to. Than I stumbled upon one of the new DS at Ulta and had my $3.50 off $10 and figured why not! Without further ado I give you my first OPI DS :)
OPI DS: Extravaganza, 2 coats very fast drying time. Top coat of Out the Door. Of course here is another picture for you to drool over.
This color blows my mind, burgundy is my go to color and it looks amazing on my nails :) There are 11 DS polishes in this collection, if you happen to find one or at least this one, GRAB IT!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Stamping with CG Bohemian Collection

When China Glaze came out with their Bohemian Collection last month I wasn't that excited as other bloggers. To me duochromes always disappoint me from how they look in the bottle so I figured I wouldn't buy any of them. Than I found out that they are great stamping and water marbling colors sooo I HAD to pick up a few. Check out how neat they turned out!

Morning Shade
Base color was China Glaze: Liquid leather, The Bohiemian colors I used were No Plain Jane, Swanky Sillk, Want My Bawdy, and Unpredicatable. My stampig plate is Mash-38, top coat of Out The Door.

Afternoon Sun!!
WOW is all I can say. Subtle but gorgeous, totally worth having them :) Hopefully you already bought some cause they are starting to be scarce atleast in my area. If you are as much into stamping as me, you need to try these out!

Friday, September 21, 2012

First Manglaze and Twenty Seven Polish

If you follow my facebook page you have seen that recently I got ALOT of nail mail. One of the brands I got was Manglaze. I love matte polishes and since they had a sale going on I figured ill snag a few. I also bought alot of polishes off etsy, I love all the glitter creations but since removing glitter sucked I would never even wear it. Now I am on full force with the glue removal technique so I kinda went etsy crazy! To start off I have Manglaze and Twenty Seven Polish for my NOTD.
Manglaze: Fatty's Got More Blood. Two coats for perfect application, the formula of this polish is amazing! It is also alot of fun to watch your nails dry since it goes from very shiny to matteness galore!
I added one coat of Twenty Seven Polish: Fairy Tale. Top coat of Out the Door. This is a limited edition polish and you must go and buy it now! Gorgeous sparkle!
Check out my facebook page to get a in on other polishes I got.
Do you buy polishes off of etsy? If so whats your favorite brand!?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Diamonds and Stamping

I got my Birchbox last week and in that I got a cute little sample of one of the new Color Club Birch Box line, they made 4 named after social media sites, to buy one of them visit there site here.
The one I got is called Insta-This, it only took one medium coat for full coverage. Top coat of Out the Door.This is a bright pigmented blue, very fun color. I added some stamping and glitters to make a fun design.
I stamped with Sally Hansen: Silver Sweep, Stamping plate is BM-209, and the glitters I got at the Dollar Nail Art Store, they are silver diamonds. Here is a bonus pics in the sun.
This mani was awesome! It is so shiny I had a fun time starring at my nails whenever possible.
Did you get a birchbox this month, if so what color did you get?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

LDTTWC Day 4: Lights, Camera, Action!

Unto last challenge for this week, Lights, Camera, Action! We are to choose a nostalgic movie, song. or piece of literature.The only movie I could come up with was Titanic but I thought that it might be one that others do, I wanted to be different :). Luckily I visited my family and told my mom about this challenge cause she had the best idea! Gone With the Wind!! This is one of her favorite movies, I also enjoy it. The classic picture/scene of Scarlet and Rhett in the sunset was my inspiration.
For the sunset I did a gradient of Color Club: Almost Famous, Lava Lamp, Sinful Colors: Hazard. Used my Nail Art Duo Pen: Black for the details, and top coat of Out the Door.
I am very happy with this turnout, thanks mom SO much for this idea, I hope it is up to her standards :) Check out whats coming up next week!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

LDTTWC Day 3: I Remember When...

Another week of Lets Do the Time Warp Challenge has begun, and today's theme is I Remember When.. either a moment in history that is well know or personal. I had a harder time thinking of what to do for this mani. In the end I came up with the invention of Electricity along with the light bulb. Without electricity there is no telling what our world would be like! Even though I wasn't personally alive during it, I remember learning about it in school.
My base color is China Glaze: Liquid Leather. For the lighting nails I used Color Club: Take me to Your Chateau, Sally Hansen: Lacey Lilac, OPI: Pamplona Purple, and my Nail Art Duo Pen: White to draw lightning. For my light bulb I used nail art brush with Color Club: Most Famous, and NYC: Sidewalkers. Top coat of Out the Door.
If you aren't a huge history buff (like me) the meaning for lighting bolts is because that is how the first electric charge was found, with a kite a key and lighting !My lightning nail turned out so awesome and the little light bulb looks soooo cute :) I am glad I choose to do this event in history for I Remeber When...
Check out what that next challenge is.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Random Brush Strokes

Today's mani is random, I wanted to try out some new brushes so I played around. It turned out pretty nice actually I was surprised. It gave me the chance to use alot of my new polishes (5) in one design.
Base color Zoya: Avery, the other colors I used where Zoya: Riley and Codie, piCture pOlish: Fairy Floss and Voodoo. Top coat of Out the Door.
Gorgeious has a tutorial of how she does her Abstract Brush Strokes if you want to check it out here. Very simple concept that anyone can do! Get creative with your color choices and be random :)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dark Purple and Gold

Today's NOTD is a fun blingy mani, I wanted to use my glequins and of course stamping on the other nails :) The colors I used were actually inspired by a black and gold blackberry, but I went with dark purple which you can't really tell.
Base color is China Glaze: VIII, stamping color is Essie: Gold as Gold with stamping plate Mash-41. Top coat of Out the Door. Sorry for the dry cuticles :S
Very simple design that really makes an impact. I think I may being doing more with glequins they are so blingy and really stand out. The only pain is removal which I didn't think of but from now on I will be using glue technique under them. You can get glequins at Born Pretty Store, use this code for 10% off MLE10W21!!
Have you given this technique a try yet?

Friday, September 14, 2012

Fishtail with Gradients

I did this mani for a contest, at Chalkboard Nails you had to choose to use either Cool or Warm Colors and I choose warm :) She also restricted us alot by not being able to do stamping, and lately I have been in love with stamping so it took me awhile to decide on what kind of nail art to do.
The three colors I used are Zoya Avery, Riley, and piCture pOlish: fairy floss. I started with all fingers in Avery, which is my new favorite nude :) Top coat of Out the Door.
I love how this mani turned out!! The colors are so pretty next to eachother I probably would have never thought of these if I wasnt restricted. Also the combination of the nail art is gorgeous I am very happy with how this turned out :)
Also I used this mani an another contest, check it out here. To find my mani, use the search box on the left and type Lisa. Than you'll see this mani. Thank you in advance for voting for me :))

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

LDTTWC Day 2, It's Vintage, Darling!

Yes I already have the second challenge complete for this week, I was sooo excited about this challenge I knew right away what I wanted to do! It turned out exactly how I thought to :) My inspiration was the poodle skirts from the 50's, see pic below.
To achieve this look I started with base color Orly: Flirty Girl, Purple for the skirt is Wet N Wild: On a Trip, for the legs I used Zoya: Avery, and my white and black pen for the details along with the poodle. Top coat of Out the Door. 
Isn't it just perfect! you can see the puffiness of the skirt by how it expands across four nails and the legs are on the middle nails. OMG the poodle is SOOO cute! Let see what is coming up for next weeks challenge!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

LDTTWC Day 1- I Shoulda Been Born in....

Today is my first post in my first ever Nail Challenge!! I am very excited to be doing this challenge, the theme is Lets Do the Time Warp Challenge (LDTTWC). It is sponsored by Nail Polish Canada and thank you Neverland Nail Blog for arranging this challenge. I will post two times a week for four weeks, and each day is a different theme. See picture below to see what is coming up next.
Now onto what I chose for the theme: I shoulda been born in...  You are to choose a year or decade that you wish you coulda lived in. Now actually I love the year I was born in, I dont think I could do with out the technolgy so I decided that it could only get better from this point. This being said I shoulda been born in the FUTURE!
My inspiration for what to do for future nails comes from a movie I enjoyed when younger Zenon Z3, about a girl who lived in space and traveled to earth in the year 2054. I would love the idea of being able to live in space and go back and forth to different planets. This is why I did the galaxy nail, since it seems everday we are trying to learn more about space and someday in the future we will end up being able to travel to and from like Zenon did.
How I created this mani was using a Foil: Silver Dots for my pinky and pointer nail. Glaxy nails basecoat is China Glaze: VIII, the other colors used are Nina Ultra Pro: Solar Flare and Punki Purple, Zoya: Kendal,  and Icing: Glamarous. Top coat of Out the Door. I followed this tutorial for how to create galaxy nails, this was my first attempt.
I am quite happy with how this turned out, creating the galaxy nail was fun. I think my view on the theme will be alot different form everyone else's make sure to check out thier by viewing the pics below.  Hope you like it also!! :)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Glitter Accent/With Removal Technique

If you keep up with other blogs I am sure by now you have heard of this new technique to remove glitter with out having to soak them in acetone and cover in foil! Anyone who wears glitter understands the hassle of removing glitter, and frankly I try to stay away from it also, unless I know I wont be changing my nails for a few days. To try out this new technique I did just an accent nail.
All nails are two coats of Zoya: Robyn. For the glitter you start by painting your nail with white glue, yup just elemers school glue works which by the way is less than a dollar! You let the glue dry completely so it is clear, than you paint on the glitter. Three coats of  Zoya: Twila. Top coat of Out the Door.

 I did my research on this technique before trying it, but one tip I got from the other bloggers is to not put your regular base coat underneath the glue. This is a good tutorial.
To remove you use an orangestick or something like and start on the edge and try to get underneath to lift polish off nail. You have to apply some pressure at first, after you get a piece underneath it is super easy to pull the rest off :)
My tip is to make sure the glue is COMPLETELY DRY, this is very important. I am so excited to have this new technique I have a feeling more glitter mani's will be featured on my blog :)

Make sure to enter Joby's Nail Art Competition!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Joby Nail Art Competition!

I am excited to share with you today a new nail art competition. Joby Nail Art is hosting their first competition below are the rules along with the prize you could win! Every entry will get a free nail art decal!! Which pretty much means everyone is a winner :)

(began Sept 1, 2012)
GRAND PRIZE: KOKO Magnolia Lunch Bag
Whether it’s your first time or you’re a nail pro. Joby Nail Art invites everyone to participate in its “1st NAIL ART COMPETITION”
Competition Time Frame: September 1 to September 30, 2012
Winner will be selected by our Facebook Fans by popular vote, Best nail art design winner will be announced at the end of voting. Deadline to vote will be October 14, 2012
Identify your submission with your name, mailing address, e-mail address and telephone.
Send your submissions to:
Joby Nail Art decals must be included in the nail design (other mediums may also be used in the nail art design)
Submitted nail art must include all fingers of at least one hand
All entries will receive a free nail art decal.
All submissions become the property of Joby Nail Art.
Some entries of nail art submissions will be showcased on our new re-designed website (coming soon).
All Nail Art submissions will also be showcased on Joby’s Pinterest Board (1st Joby Nail Competition).
Grand prize nail art entry will be notified by e-mail and announced on our Facebook page.
Winner will be selected by our Facebook Fans by popular vote, Best nail art design winner will be announced at the end of voting. Deadline to vote will be October 14, 2012

And the Fabulous Prize! 


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lots of Zoya's!

I was one of the many to participate in the Zoya sale BOGO with free shipping! I also went alittle over board cause it was such a good sale, check out the 10 beauties I choose. I think its safe to say I will be set on polishes for this month since I got piCture pOlishes and now Zoya's. :)
Today's color is getting me ready for fall, gorgeous raspberry red.
Zoya: Riley two coats, top coat of Out The Door.
I see myself wearing this color alot this fall, I love deep reds. Reminds me of the burgundy leaves that we will soon be seeing :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Polish Days: Geometric Nails

I am partaking in this month's Polish Days Theme Geometry. Polish Days was organized by Hannah from Polly Polish. What is Polish Days? Well it is when polish bloggers get together and post our mani's inspired by the theme she announces around the sametime one day a month, you can subscribe to join in next month here! She also gives a good desciption as to what you have to do
I am sad to say I almost skipped this one since I just didn't have time to do a more creative mani, but I was a trooper and quickly threw this one together so I was still able to partake :) I am not even sure if you can say that it looks Geometry themed, but I tried.
I used Zoya: Renee and Kissy. Than I stamped with Sally Hansen: Silver Sweep plate Mash-47. Top coat of Out The Door.
I also had bad luck capturing the sparkle of Kissy since it was downpooring. I will try to use it again soon on a sunny day! I know it lacks creativity and it just an ok mani, but I hope you still enjoy it.
Make sure to check out all the other participates

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Faux Plastic Wrap Mani

I got to try out another of my piCture pOlishes and Bundle Monster plates for this mani. I wasn't entirely sure what I was going to do at first it just kind of happened to end this way :)
One coat of piCture pOlish: bomb shell, than I used Color Club: Take me to Your Chateau and Sally Hansen: Silver Sweep to stamp with. I went thru my plates to find one that I could stamp twice over one another and found the faux plastic wrap stamp on plate BM-301. Top coat of Out the Door.
Every other nail I switched which color I would stamp first and stamp on top of that in the other color . I did this cause I wasn't really sure which color series would look best, I think I end up liking Silver Sweep  first and Take me to Your Chateau on top.
What do you think of the faux plastic wrap stamp? Do you think one color series is better than the other?

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Violet Femme and Stamping

 More fun with my new piCture pOlish! I was really excited to get this purple, since I am a huge purple lover I immediately knew I had to get this vibrant almost neon dark purple :) It might even be my favorite out of all eight.
Two coats of Violet Femme was perfect application, top coat of Out the Door.
Than I added a fun stamp on top of Violet Femme using piCture pOlish: Sparkle and plate: BM-322.
I love the turn out of this polish! I am very excited to have this polish in my stash and am positive that I will have many design to come with it.