Thursday, September 27, 2012

LDTTWC, Day 6: They Sure Dont Make em Like They Used to

 Today's challenge is to recreate a mani that is inspired by a childhood game. One of my favorite games from my childhood is candy land. It was mostly because of the 'candy' part, eventhough you don't get to actually eat candy. It was a fun and brightly colored game for a kid to look at.
My base color is Zoya: Renee. For the gum drop I added some sparkle since it would have sugar on it. The candy symbols were done in random polishes I forgot to write them down :( Top coat of Out the Door.
For everyone who isn't a candyland expert you need to know that the squares with candy symbols on them are pink, and the four symbols I choose to represent is the candy cane, plum, lollipop, and gum drop.
Next week is the last week,  lets see how we are ending the challenge.


  1. I love it. I tried doing a candyland mani. I thought it would be easy.......but it wasn't. This looks great!

    1. Thanks! It took me a bit to figure out what would actualy be plausible, lol

  2. Candy Land was my absolute favorite game as a child!! Love this mani!

  3. I don't think I've ever played candyland - I'm obviously missing out!! This is super cute!

  4. Candy land was such a fun game! Cute mani!


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