Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

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What a gorgeous and beautiful Sunday and happy Easter to all who celebrate!! The Easter bunny already came to my families house and I got the new Pueen nail plates and I am super excited to use them :) Here are the nails that I am wearing for Easter.

Zoya: Wednesday and Bevin
China Glaze: Surreal Apeal and Life is Rosy
Color Club: Take me to Your Chateau
Art Club: Black, White, and Neon Pink

I like the combination of some floral for spring and bunny for Easter! The weather here in Michigan has finally started to turn for the better, I actaully thought I forgot what the sun looked like ;). Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Skittle Mani

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Friday before Easter and I got the cutest spring mani for you to celebrate it with. My inspiration for these colors came upon my recent shopping trip for an Easter outfit.  Coral and mint green are all over the spring styles. I could not find any new shirts in a different color, and frankly I am in love! Here is my take on coral and mint green collaboration.

piCture pOlish: Honey Dew and Coral Reef
butter LONDON: West End Wonderland and Matte Effect
Art Club Nail Art Duo: Black and White
Lime Crime: Milky Way
Color Club: Cherubic

This is my favorite skittle mani to date! I also decided that the best glitter nail is with a hologram base coat, it really gives the glitter alot more depth. Have you yet to see these color combinations in  stores or even on your own nails? Hope everyone has a great weekend and I'll have a quick Easter nail post for you on Sunday!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Glitter and Pastel

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Happy Thursday readers, I have a really quick mani today using two of my untried polishes. They were just chilling out together next to the other untrieds and I decided they are meant to be together :) 

China Glaze: Mimosas before Mani's and It's a Trap-eze

It's a Trap-eze is from the Cirque Du Soleil collection while Mimosas before Mani's is from their recent Avant Garden Collections. I went back and worth with adding nail art or not and decided that this is beautiful on its own. I am not sure why it took me so long to use It's a Trap-eze, this is an awesome glitter! Do you like this simple mani?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Chick an Eggs

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 OMG I have the cutest easter mani ever today! I am not sure why chicks are part of representing Easter but, hey they are cute!! I was inspired by this mani, I saw it in a group on Facebook and immediately knew I would recreate with a chick for Easter :)

Sinful Colors: White on White and Black on Black
Wet n Wild: Break the Ice
NYC: Orange Traffic Jam
Color Club: Almost Famous
Butter LONDON: Matte Effect 

Now can you see why I screamed OMG at the beginning?? These are just so darn cute. The original idea for the dripping yolks is so creative!  Who is getting excited for easter??

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

31 DC, Day 16: Color Opposites

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Back to back challenge posts! Finally half way thru this 31 Day challenge and today's theme is color opposites. I really don't like many of the color opposite pairs, besides green and red but obviously that's christmassy, so I went with purple and yellow!!

I asked on Facebook if you my readers prefer one or more pics per mani and got a great answer that more than one picture can benefit you. I will be adding another photo to my posts at a different angle, let me know how you like it!

Lime Crime: Lavendairy and Crema de Limon
butter LONDON: Matte Effect

Well would you look at that, pastel purple and yellow are actually really pretty together! This is defiantly a springy mani also, and you know how much I die for matte pastels :) Who knew that matte glequins can be so dainty too? This mani is a defiant keeper! 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Bye Google Reader

I posted on Facebook couple weeks ago about the end of Google Reader, and wanted to write a quick post on here also in case you don't follow my Facebook page. Google announced that they will be getting rid of Google Reader as of July 1st, 2013.

It is an inconvenience for many... but it seems other readers have stepped up to make the transition easy for you :)

First and foremost, for those of you that follow via Google Friend Connect, you can still follow blogs via so there's no need to export all of the blogs you follow to other readers.

If Blogger isn't for you...
I do offer Bloglovin' as a way for you to follow and they are offering one-click imports for all of the blogs you follow through Google Reader.

You can also follow thru Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter, all the links to sites you can follow Nail Polish Creations are at the top right of this page. Look forward to seeing you on these other sites :)

31 DC, Day 15: Water Colour

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Today I have my challenge post for day 15! The theme is Water Colour, and actually this is a new technique to me. I am not really quite sure why I haven't done this before it was super easy and so pretty! I added a flair to it trying to incorporate Easter, check it out below.

China Glaze: Love's a Beach, Flying Dragon, and Splish Splash
Art Club Nail Art Duo Pen and Striper: White
Sinful Colors: White on White

Can you see the cute Easter eggs?  It's not the easiest to see I probably should of outlined the eggs in black... I also forgot to take a before pic of just the water colour :S so I will for sure be doing this again to show you! Check out all the other water colour design below!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Stamping Sunday: Spring Flowers

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Happy Sunday fellow lacquer lovers! Today starts a week of easter and spring mani's, eventho here in Michigan we are still getting snow :(. Hopefully spring is rolling around the corner for you! Stamping challenge today is Spring Flowers, check out my design below.

Zoya: Kristen, Kennedy, Kendal, and Bevin
China Glaze: Tart-y for the Party, Re-Fresh Mint, Pink-ie Promise, and Fade into Hue
 Konad Special White

I am totally in love with this pastel gradient, I didn't even realize how many pastels I have and absolutely in love with. I am hoping to get some easter themed mani's this week, so stay tuned! Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

Friday, March 22, 2013

Essence Review, Part 3

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Yay it's finally Friday, only 8 hours of work stand in my way of the weekend! For the last of my Essence review I have some nail art items :) I love glitters and studs so I was very excited to try out these items. This pack is called Essence Nail Art Decorating Kit, it comes with some glequins, line glitters, round studs, diamond glitters, and gold foil pieces.

I used the round studs and diamond glitters for this look.

Zoya: Toni
Essence Glitters
Essence Gel Look Top Coat

The gold diamond glitters are so shiny! To apply both of these I used a toothpick dipped in water to pick the glitters up. The glitters laid nice and flat after a top coat, also the round studs are not balls they are cut in half which makes them stay attached much easier to the nail. I love the variety of glitters you get in this pack. I probably wont use the line glitters ever and wish they gave more of the ball studs!!

As I said in my first post I got the Gel Look Top Coat and have used it on all these mani's. My final thoughts on this product is that it is great for a super shiny finish! Now the downfall for me was that it does have a longer dry time, but that's only cause I always use the fast drying top coats. I wore each mani for a full two days and didn't have any tip wear.  If you really want that shiny look I would grab this one!

These are all crazy cheap products, make sure you check out your local Ulta store and pick up these goodies! I know I will be going thru my Ulta store to find more essence products!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Essence Review, Part 2

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It's almost Friday! I hope you enjoyed my first review for Essence products. Today I am going to be showing you the other polish I received from Essence with nail art products as well.

Essence: Iced Strawberry Cream
Essence: Gel Look Top Coat
Two coats, application was smooth and fast dry time.

For the next look I used french tip guide I received and also a small stamping kit shown below.

I wanted to compare the stamper and scrapper to other ones I own. You can see the scraper has smaller width which I assume is because you aren't working with full nail images, so the smaller width is ok. Also I don't use metal scrappers to prevent damaging the plate, plus metal on metal is the worse sound ever!

 The stamper is about the same size as the large Konad (shown to the right of the essence stamper) However the stamper itself seems to be a much harder material. If you are used to the roll on method for stamping, this stamper works well. I also was not used to such a short handle, I guess I feel like I have better control with the longer handles.

Although there were some items that I didn't like about this stamping set, I do believe if you are just starting to get into stamping this is a great beginner set! I would say it is even better than the salon express. Check out the design I created with these products.

I simply love a classic french tip mani. I am a huge fan of french tip guides since I am not the best at achieving them by free hand. You get a good amount of guides and once again price is very reasonable! These products are also avaiable at your local Ulta store. Tomorrow I have the last of the goodies I received, think sparkles!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Essence Review, Part 1

 photo button_zpsc89bd61d.png

I am very excited to start this three part review on some awesome products I received from Essence. I got two polishes and lots of nail art items from their spring/summer 2013 new arrivals to share with you! I also got Essence Gel Look Top Coat that I will be using for all these mani's with my final thoughts at the end. To start it off I have one of the colors with some nail art stickers.

Essence: Cafe Ole
 Essence Gel Look Top Coat
This is two coats, application was easy, and the formula also has fast dry time.

For my next look I added a few nail art stickers that I received, this pack was called French Glam.

This is a very elegant look. The stickers were easy to apply using tweezers. I added another coat of the Gel Look top coat to this design. I absolutely love this nude, it may be the best nude I have! So far I have no complaints with these essence products, tomorrow I'll have another essence review.

You can find these products at your local Ulta store. Their products range from .99 cents to 3 dollars, very affordable!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

31 DC: Day 14, Stamping, Pooh Bear

I am super excited for today's 31 day challenge of stamping. I showed on my Facebook awhile back that I got a stamping plate that was pooh bear themed. When I was young I loved pooh and collected many items with pooh on them. This is why I am in love with today's mani!

Color Club: Most Famous
butter LONDON: Pillar Box Red
Sinful Colors: Black on Black

I kept the design pretty simple since I mostly wanted to capture pooh and that is with his face and red for his shirt. I just love to look at the pooh face, he is so cute! I wish the stamping plate had something with honey tho, it seems like that is a pretty big signature item for pooh bear! Who is you favorite character from your childhood?

Monday, March 18, 2013

Julie G Gumdrop Polish, Part 2

Its the start of yet another week. I hope everyone had a great weekend and got to celebrate St Paddy's Day! Yesterday I showed you my three favorites from the Julie G Gumdrop collection, so today I have the last three shown below. These three actually have a different finish than the last three, you will be able to see that in the macro pics.

First up is Tangerine Dream: Citrus orange with specs of sparkle

 Next is Sugar Rush: Bright reddish-pink with pops of gold glitter

Lastly Hot Cinnamon: Hot-red with a glitter finish

These three don't have the small glitters popping out, it's more like the pixie dust polishes. I think these may be more like the upcoming summer 2013 pixie dust. Also Hot Cinnamon is a lot more red than in my picture. I love how sparkly these are and overall obsessed with the whole collection.