Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Random Stripper Brush Nail Art

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Well blogger finally worked, it only took me 30min to download two pictures!! Anyways, I have a random nail art post. I recently got a set of three kiss stripper polishes and wanted to think of a design to use them both, I come up with some random line design.

Lime Crime: Milky Way
Kiss Nail Artist: Dali Kit

Besides my pinky nail with the chunky lines these stripers were pretty easy to use. I really am not one for the tribal nails and this reminds me of them. It was a fun and easy design for sure but they didn't last long on me. 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bling for Engagement Celebrations

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Before you all get the idea that I am engaged it's not me! This last weekend I had some great news from family and friends. First off on Sunday I got the call that my brother got engaged and I couldn't be anymore excited for him I also will be gaining another sister, who has recently got into nail art thanks to me :). Then on Tuesday morning I get a text from my friend and she also got engaged! I was completely shocked and am over the moon excited as well. In honor of these two new brides to be I just had to use my new nailz craze plate and create a blingy ring mani.

Zoya: Blaze
Sally Hansen: Silver Sweep

I just got this plate a week ago and I can't believe how perfect the timing was for this. It's like I almost predicted that this would be happening and I didn't even know it! For my first nailz craze plate I must say the quality is amazing, the images are so large and stamped perfect. I have so many weddings coming up this year I am super excited and will be getting alot of use out of this plate!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

OMG a UFO with Geometric Stamping

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Happy Wednesday readers, I am happy that this week is half way over. How is the weather holding up for you? Here in Michigan we are getting more rain it's hard to believe May is around the corner. Today I have a China Glaze Hologram to share, I found it on ebay for 4.25 and figured I would give them a shoot despite the bad reviews. I have a quick swatch and some nail art.

 China Glaze: OMG a UFO

This is shown with two coats. I tried a base coat on one nail and defiantly experienced balding and bad application. It applies with ease on the bare nail (no base coat) and I do like how fast it dries. You can see how the hologram is more subtle, I also like how this color is more different than other holo's. Check out the geometric stamping I did on top of this base color below.

Sinful Colors: Black on Black and White on White

I REALLY like this mani, it's very psychedelic and totally different from what I usually wear. I originally wasn't sure if I should stamp with black or white and decided why not use both. I really like how it turned out! Have your tried any of the China Glaze Holograms? Do you plan on getting any if you haven't yet?

Monday, April 22, 2013

Purple Ikat Print

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Happy Monday and it is indeed a beautiful one here in Michigan. I have my first attempt at an Ikat print mani. I followed a tutorial by Kayla from Nails by Kayla Shevonne, you can find it here. This was a super easy design, and I will defiantly be trying this with brighter colors for the summer.

China Glaze: When Stars Collide
Zoya: Kendal
Nail Art Duo: Black and White

I also used one of the China Glaze Holograms for my background, there is a lot of thoughts on these new collection by China Glaze. I did have problems with the formula  and if you want a in your face holo these aren't for you. Have your tried this design?

Friday, April 19, 2013

Zoya Stunning and Irresistible Review, Nail Art

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Today I have the most picture heavy post I have ever done and it is for the two new Zoya Collections. Right when I seen these two collections I just loved how the colors went so well together and the pairing between the two collections seemed perfect to do some nail art!

For my review I have a picture with the colors alone to have some 'swatches' for you but mainly I am concentrating on the combination of the two with nail art. These colors are gorgeous on their own, but if you are like me wearing just one color at a time doesn't happen. I have each Stunning color combined with an Irresistible color, check out the pairings below.

Since this a huge post, I added a jump make sure to click Read More for my full review!

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hearts with Homemade Nail Decal

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It's Thursday and I finally have a post for you! The last few days we had nice weather so I was trying to take advantage of that with some running which led me to ignore my nails (eek). Not to fear I am back and will hopefully get back on schedule next week. For now I have a sneak peek with one of the new Zoya Stunning colors, that was sent to me, and tomorrow I will have my reviews for both the Zoya Stunning and Irresistible Collections!!! Here is a cute mani I came up with that I have worn for 3 days.

Zoya: Micky
Sinful Colors: Black on Black and White on White

To achieve the heart accent nail I tried out a new technique that is making your own decals. The concept is to stamp the design on a zip lock bag, wax paper, or even leave it on the stamper. Then you paint in the areas you want, which in my case is the white hearts. Top coat your design and once it is dry you pull it off your backing and apply it like a nail decal. This was my first time and you can see it's alittle splotchy, guess my coloring skills have died over the years ;)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Zoya Summer Pixie Dust Review, Part 2 with Nail Art.

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I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Today I thought I would bring some shine to everyone's Monday with the last three Zoya Summer Pixie Dust! If you missed the first three I reviewed last Friday you can find it HERE. With the same set up I will show my nail art first than macros with each color and my review, let's get started!

Polka Dot with Liberty and Miranda

 I also got a before picture to show with the two colors and no polka dots

Liberty and Miranda

 As much as I love the nail art I really love these two just by themselves side by side! Now for some macros of these two.

Liberty- "best described as a blue sugary sparkle." I am not one to wear this dark of a blue alone but I totally can see myself rocking this. Shown is 2 coats.

 Miranda- "best described as a rose sparkle." This is my favorite shade of pink, I love rosy pinks and the sparkle is gorgeous. Shown is 2 coats.

Next I have a design with just Stevie, you all know my love of purple so I rocked this mani for three days!!

Zoya: Stevie and Mira

This is actually day two of wearing this mani, and I have to say even after day three it looked the same with NO tip wear at all :D

Stevie- "best described as a violet sparkle." I love the sparkle in this color, I do wish it was a darker purple since I prefer plums over lavender (purple freak) but it's great for summer being a brighter purple. I actually have shown 3 coats since I tried to make it a darker purple, you can get away with 2 tho.

My favorite from these three is defiantly Liberty surprisingly. All together I love every single one of these summer pixie's. Do you have a favorite of the six?

These will retail at $9 a bottle and $54 for all six!  Zoya Summer Pixie Dust can be found online HERE. Make sure to follow Zoya at your preferred social networking site to get inside news on deals, they always have something up their sleeve :D

Today is national purple up day to support military men and woman and their kids that have to deal with parents going away for long periods of time. My Stevie nail art is what I am wearing today to show my support!! Are you wearing purple today?

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Teal Holo with Flowers

 photo me_zps76cb00ed.png

Today ladies I have the most gorgeous polish I have seen in awhile, plus super cute floral nail art. A while ago LA Girl came out with some 3D Effects that look alot like the Ornate Collection from Zoya with scattered hologram. Since I loved Aurora from that collection I wanted to check out the other colors LA Girl is offering and feel in love with the teal. Here is a gorgeous swatch, nail art is below.

LA Girl: Teal Dimension

This polish has so much depth to it, applied so easily with only two coats. Did you grab any of the LA Girl 3D Effect polishes?

 China Glaze: I'm With the Lifeguard
Rue 21: 136 (Cotton Candy Sent)
Sally Hansen: Silver Sweep

Isn't this just super adorable, I love the neon green how it pops but still coordinates. I was totally inspired by this mani. As you can see I am slowly trying to get into using more neon's, since after all it is almost officially summer!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Zoya Summer Pixie Dust Review, Part 1 with Nail Art.

 photo button_zpsc89bd61d.png

There are many reasons why today is a GREAT day, one of the main reasons is that I have Zoya's Summer Pixie Dust to share with you, and the other is that it is Friday!!! When I knew I was receiving these to review I wanted to think of some fun nail art to show you instead of regular swatches that you will be seeing from other bloggers. For today's I have Solange, Beatrix, and Destiny in a fun gradient and also macros of each color in which I will talk about their formula's.

 Pinky to Pointer is Solange, Beatrix and Destiny

Dont they make a pretty gradient? I did this gradient by hand instead of make up sponge. Now for macros with each colors desciption and formula. 

Solange- "best described as a gold metal foil sparkle featuring a Zoya EXCLUSIVE GOLD PIGMENT."  This color is defiantly the one with the most sparkle and my favorite of these three. This is with 2 coats no topcoat.

Beatrix- "best described as a tangerine metal sparkle." If you like orange this color will not disappoint! I can imagine I will get some awesome summer mani's with this color also. Shown is 2 coats, at first I thought this may take three since the first coat was so sheer but it build very well.

oops alittle blurry :S
Destiny- "best described as a coral metal sparkle." So I may of thought this was a red polish... but I am happy it is actually coral I love coral for spring :D Shown is actually 3 coats, this one was the most sheer.

Overall I have no complaints with formula or application. I am still in love with these colors and so happy to have them all. I will have my review to the last three on monday!

These will retail at $9 a bottle and $54 for all six!  Zoya Summer Pixie Dust can be found online HERE. Make sure to follow Zoya at your preferred social networking site to get inside news on deals, they always have something up their sleeve :D