Monday, July 29, 2013

Floral Matching Glitter

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Happy Monday lovelies! Hopefully everyone had a fun weekend, we had rainy weather so I had all my fun inside. Today I have a mani that I matched some floral to my glitter. Chalkboard Nails did this last week and it is genius! I went thru my glitters and found a gorgeous one that I haven't even used yet!

Hard Candy: Pee Wee Purple
Sally Hansen: Brisk Blue
Lime Crime: Parfait Day
Sinful Colors: White on White
Elixir Lacquers: Elixiversary

I recently got a Macro lens for my phone, and wanted to try it out with this glitter, so here is an extra pic!

I really love the combination of purple, blue, and pink. Having the glitter to work off of was great inspiration! Pee Wee Purple is also an amazing purple polish, it is super shiny. Have a great work week!

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