Monday, September 30, 2013

A Tutorial 31DC2013 Mani

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Good Morning lovelies. I hope everyone had a great weekend, I am still recovering from the bacherlotte party on Saturday :D. My nails today is what I wore for the event. The tutorial I choose to be inspired by today is from Amber Did It and it is a Basket Weave design.

Sinful Colors: Black on Black
Color Club: Harp on It

This design was super easy to achieve, and I LOVE it. Next time I do try this design I may try to fit more lines on my nail, Amber did three horizontally but I wasn't sure if my nails were long enough for three. I also did reverse colors as you can see on my pointer and pinky fingers. In the end I think I prefer the black background.Tomorrow is the last day!!!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Supernatural 31DC2013 Mani

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Happy Sunday, this is another post I wrote ahead of time. I will be busy coming home from bacherlotte party today and than later going to a cider mill with family so I did these nails ahead of time. The theme today is inspired by the Supernatural... how does the supernatural inspire one? I decided the best way to portray this was with a simple stamped ghost mani.

China Glaze: Recycle
Manglaze: Hot Mess
Sinful Colors: White on White and Black on Black
BM223 and Mash 38

Surprisingly I actually love this mani. I think the matte sparkly is what does it for me. This would make a great Halloween mani! Only 2 days left!!!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Flag 31DC2013 Mani

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Happy Saturday! I am writing this post ahead of time since I have a bachelorette party later and wasn't sure if I would have time before hand.

The theme for today's challenge is inspired by a flag. There are simply so many flags in the world and I knew I didn't want to do the American Flag. I also wanted to do a flag that I actually know, instead of searching for one. I ended up remembering Greece's flag from when I watched the Olympics, I always loved the color combo with the two patterns. Below is the Greece flag and my mani.

Zoya: Rocky
Orly: Crisp White

This was a pretty easy flag to recreate. I used striping brush and drew all the lines by hand.  I can't believe there is only a few days left in the challenge. Has everyone been able to stay on track?

Friday, September 27, 2013

by Artwork 31DC2013 Mani

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Hooray for Friday and the weekend! I am really excited for this weekend and also am loving my mani today. We are to choose a piece of art to inspire us for today's challenge. I did a lot of Google searching and was waiting for something to catch my eye. I finally found this beautiful abstract painting and knew I had to recreate it. Check it out below.

Zoya: Micky, Mira, Livingston, Josie, Sharon, and Kendal
Color Club: Most Famous and Wild Cactus
L'oreal: Jet set to Paris and After Hours
Sally Hansen: Brisk Blue
NYC: Traffic Jam Orange
Sinful Colors: Black on Black

It is safe to say I have used the most colors in this mani than ever before. All I did for this mani was use the polishes brushes with barely any polish and dab it all over. I obviously at the end did a splatter with black and left it without top coat to save the texture look. This is my favorite mani from the whole challenge so far. :D

Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Pattern 31DC2013 Mani

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Today's theme is inspired by a Pattern. Since I work in an Interior Design Firm, I have the advantage of flipping thru tons of fabric books and finding the perfect pattern. Instead I found inspiration from a piece of furniture we are selling. Below you can see the pattern on the back rest of the chair that I copied.

Sinful Colors: White on White
Kiss Artist: Soft Purple

I love how the lines are intertwined in this pattern. I always seem to fall in love with these types of geometric designs.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fashion 31DC2013 Mani

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Can you believe it is Wednesday? I feel like this week has gone by fast, not that I'm complaining! For today's, inspired by fashion, I did some searching from the runway. After going thru 5 designers I found this look by Valentino, from the fall 2013 collection.

Below is my interpretation to this dress.

Zoya: Kennedy
L'oreal: Jet Set to Paris
Wet n Wild: Break the Ice 

I used craft scissors to create the scallop design. I choose this dress as my inspiration cause I could see myself wearing it, plus I love the colors! Only 5 days left in the challenge!!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Book 31DC2013 Mani

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Good Morning Lovelies, today the 31DC theme is inspired by a book. This was probably the hardest day for me so far since I am not an avid reader. The last books I read was 50 shades of Gray but I wanted to try to think of something not done already. I came up with the idea of the I Spy Books, from my childhood :) I searched Google and found one of the images I remember from when I was younger and tried to recreate it, check it out below.

 Zoya: Darcy, Josie, Rocky, and Livingston
Orly: Jet Black
Butter London: Matte Effect

Can you find the bow or tack? I really love the turn out of this mani and am happy I came up with this idea. 
Did you remember I Spy books?

Monday, September 23, 2013

A Movie 31DC2013 Mani

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Happy Monday! Hopefully everyone had a great weekend, we had fall weather here in Michigan. I had a busy weekend and didn't get home till 9 last night so I tried to do an easy mani for today's theme, inspired by a movie. I choose to recreate some art deco designs from the movie poster for The Great Gatsby, shown below.

Sinful Colors: Black on Black
Essie: Good as Gold

 I simply used a striping brush to draw the designs. Ideally I would of preferred to use striping tape but I simply didn't have time to let it dry etc. I am starting to feel the pressure to finish this challenge since the themes are getting harder :S. If you are doing this challenge, how are you doing?

Friday, September 20, 2013

A Song 31DC2013 Mani

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"IT WAS 99 CENTS!" So who guessed it, what song am I inspired by for today's post? Thrift Shop by Macklemore! This song became popular a couple months ago but I am still obsesed with it. Below is the music video, so if your not familiar with the song you can listen to it and know how my nails represent it.

Color Club: Poetic Hues
OPI: Dont Pretzel my Buttons
Zoya: Neely and Hunter
Kleancolor: Metallic Saphire
Essie: Good as Gold
butter London: Matte Finish

Ok so let me break down what part of the song each nail represents. Starting with the pinkie and ring nail there is a jean pocket and $20 symbol which goes with "only got $20 in my pocket." Middle nail is a tag symbol which goes with " I'm gonna pop some tags." Lastly pointer is 99 cents symbol which, as mentioned above, goes with "It was 99 cents!"

I am totally in love with these nails, and super excited how I thought of this design. I hope you are now also obsessed with this song :D Enjoy what's left of your weekend!

A Color 31DC2013 Mani

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Today we start the third group of this challenge, being the theme of Inspired by... For today we are to choose a color we are inspired by. I choose the color Life is Rosy, by China Glaze. I have free handed an abstract rose designs to show my interpretation of this color.

China Glaze: Life is Rosy
Orly: Crisp White

It was a lot of fun going thru my polishes and finding one that had a name I could do some nail art for. I do love these design also, to you it looks like a Rose right?

Water Marble 31DC2013 Mani

 photo me_zps76cb00ed.png photo button_zpsc89bd61d.png

Good morning and happy Friday lovelies! I am really loving my water marble mani today. Since there is endless color choices to do a water marble and I just couldn't narrow it down I asked my boyfriend for help. He must of had mardi gras on the mind since he choose yellow, purple, and green. Check it out below

Zoya: Mira, Josie, and Darcy

I really do love doing water marbles, especially just for an accent finger.  I wanted to change up a normal water marble so I added the dots. I have seen this before and loved it so I am happy I got to try it finally.
Everyone have a great weekend, and get ready for for the next set of mani being the theme, inspired by...