Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Zoya Magical Pixie Dust Collection, Review

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I have the most gorgeous polishes to review for you today. Yes you guessed right it is the Zoya Magical Pixie Dust Collection! I am first going to start out saying my original thoughts on this collection are ALL completely wrong. First off I thought, o boy chunky glitter's this is going to be a pain to apply. I then also thought wow these are going to be extremely rough and get caught on everything. Also, as with with all glitters I was not excited about the removal process. I am happy to say that none of that was true with these polishes! Check the preview out below and click over the jump for my full review with swatches and a video of these polishes!

zoya magical swatch pixie dust cosmo lux vega macro review youtube texture mani

All of these swatches have two coats with no top coat. I am starting off with my favorite of the three...

Zoya: Lux, gorgeous dusty rose texture

 Check out the amazing maco of this polish!!

I can't believe that I like this pink the most, I almost never like a pink polish!

Zoya: Cosmo, amazing silver and white glitter

Yet another crazy macro!

Cosmo is my second favorite, this really just reminds of of diamonds.

Zoya: Vega, a frosted blue finish

Lastly the amazing macro!

I can't say I am huge fan of this color, but it does have gorgeous shimmer.

Lastly for part of this review I did a application review video for these polishes. Like I mentioned above I was scared of how application would be for these chunky glitters so I thought making a quick video showing application would be the best way to share my experience with you.

Overall these polish are a big hit with me, I think Zoya is pure genius. They have the amazing shiny finish without the hassle of application or issues of glitters sticking off the nail and catching on items. Also I really had such great luck with the removal process for these pixie's. 
Did you grab this collection? Which one is your favorite?

These will retail at $10 a bottle. Make sure to follow Zoya at your preferred social networking site to get inside news on deals, they always have something up their sleeve :D


  1. Thanks for the video review & swatches! I have these ordered and I can't wait to get 'em! I think I will wear Cosmo the most, but Lux will be my fave. :)

    1. I think I will be in the same boat. Cosmo is very versatile! :D


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