Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Zoya Spring Water Marble

 photo me_zps76cb00ed.png

Good Morning, hope everyone's morning has started off great! We got another 3 inches of snow last night so I had to shouvel to get to work and the roads weren't scrapped yet. Although since it is about 20 degrees it really wasn't terrible. My mani today is nothing like the weather outside, I wore this on ground hog day hoping to get an early spring... but it wasn't predicted too :(

Zoya: Mira, Rocky, and Josie

I love how the water marble turned out, it has been way to many months since I have done one of those. I think it has brought back my love of a beautiful water marble. Also as you can see my pointer finger has taken a break :( Does anyone else have that one nail that refuses to grow?

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