Monday, May 19, 2014

Graduation Nails

~Nothing to Disclose~

Good Morning! I am in a great mood today, the sun is shining and all week temps are suppose to be warm. Also this weekend is my brothers wedding!! I still have to get thru this week tho, and lets start it off with some festive graduation nails. Two of my younger cousins graduated High School and knew I wanted to create a mani just for them.

graduation mani bundle monster holiday set bm-h23 glue and gold stamping mundo


I did this mani at my parent's so I forget to write down the colors. It's always crazy seeing how fast my cousins are growing up, plus it's weird that I have now been graduated from High School for 5 years! Time sure does fly!


  1. What a fun mani! Did you do random colors or school colors?


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