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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Laser Lace

Today I am showing you my first attempt with using Laser Lace. You can buy this at the Dollar Nail Art Store. It was very simple to use, and gives you a cool effect, they have lots of colors also.
I used another new Zoya: Gem. You can kind of see in the picture the gold shimmer, which was gorgeous next to the gold laser lace. Top coat of Out the Door.
It took maybe three top coats to go over the laser lace to give a smooth finish which didn't bother me at all. Very simple mani with a neat affect. Make sure to check out the Dollar Nail Art store, link can be found at the right of this post.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Diamonds and Stamping

I got my Birchbox last week and in that I got a cute little sample of one of the new Color Club Birch Box line, they made 4 named after social media sites, to buy one of them visit there site here.
The one I got is called Insta-This, it only took one medium coat for full coverage. Top coat of Out the Door.This is a bright pigmented blue, very fun color. I added some stamping and glitters to make a fun design.
I stamped with Sally Hansen: Silver Sweep, Stamping plate is BM-209, and the glitters I got at the Dollar Nail Art Store, they are silver diamonds. Here is a bonus pics in the sun.
This mani was awesome! It is so shiny I had a fun time starring at my nails whenever possible.
Did you get a birchbox this month, if so what color did you get?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Foil Transfer First Attempt

Here is my first try at using Transfer Foils. I got these beauties from the Dollar Nail Art Store. For only a dollar you get a long roll and it only takes about 6 inches to do both hands. They are very simple to apply, you get adhesive cover the entire nail wait 5 minutes than you rub on the foil and pull it off! The pattern stay on as long as you applied enough glue. They have SO many different patterns, I can't wait to try out the other 5 I bought.
So shiny in the sun!
To start my base coat was Orly: Close Your Eyes, I applied the adhesive on a diagonal line than used my Foil Transfer named Rainbow Swirl. Used my Sally Hansen: Top Coat, the directions claim if you use a Quick Dry top coat will cause the nail foil to shrink. To apply the glitters I used Studio M: Stuck on You, than my top coat of Out the Door.
The tips don't look the best but I will be working on perfecting this nail art! How do you feel about nail foils?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

More Nail Mail and Website Links

I finally have received all my orders that I made a week of so ago. I went on a small splurge, I feel complete and ready to produce more mani's!! From Head2Toe I received some China Glazes and Out the Door Refill, I ordered the Bundle Monster so I got about 50 new stamping plates! From earlier this week I got my supplies from Born Pretty and also from Dollar Nail Art. I added the links to the right side of my blog so that you can check them out also. I know when I first started doing my nails and checking out other blogs I wanted to know where they all got their supplies. Check out those links and let me know what great things you purchase for your own nails!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Nail Art Mail!!

I am SO excited that the nail art supplies I ordered from Dollar Nail Art Store finally arrived!!!
This is the site to get all the smallglequins, rhinestones, nail stripping tape, foils, laser lace and much more. Everything is a dollar and the site has a minimum of $25 purchase, but there is defiantly not a problem trying to find 25 items to get on this site!
I feel less as an immature nail artist with these supplies and can't wait to use these supplies and show you my creations!