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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Couple of Family Mani's

Good Morning. Last night I was with my family celebrating my brothers birthday so I didn't get a chance to do my own nails. Instead I did my sister's and soon to be sister in law. So I thought I would share their nails today to give you something to look at :D I took these photos with my phone so sorry about the quality.

Color Club: Poetic Hues
Zoya: Pepper
Picture Polish: Voodoo
Essie: Good as Gold
Cheeky Jumbo Home Sweet Home

Color Club: Poetic Hues
 Lime Crim: Parfait Day 
OPI (Forgot name)

Top mani is my soon to be sister in law. She wanted a fall design and I am very pleased to say that Zoya: Pepper is a gorgeous color to stamp with. Lower mani is my sister's mani she liked my Weave Pattern mani but wanted it in maroon and light pink.

I won't have a post for you tomorrow since I will be busy with wedding prep for my friends big day, saturday :D I'll be back monday with my bridesmaid mani! Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Family Mani's Part 2

I hope you enjoyed all the mani's from yesterday, round two is today!

Mother's nails, matte with metalic stamping.

Cousin Jessica, hard to see but feather stamping, I was excited to use this stamp.

Cousin Morgan, Lime green stamping over pink glitter, who would of thought!

Cousin Nicole, she loves blue and silver!

Cousin Kathryn, fun doing glequins all my cousins thought it was going to take forever :)
Do you ever do your entire family nails? It was a blast and I am sure ill be doing this again down the road, after all Christmas is coming up!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Family Mani's Part 1

As I mentioned on my Thanksgiving post I was going to do my cousins nails this Thanksgiving. Boy was this a fun event, all together I did 9 set of hands and I also did my sister and mothers earlier that day. So here are half of the mani's! Picture only, there is no way I am writing up that many descriptions ;)
Sister Beth, these were inspired by a Pinterest post.
Cousin Madison, I was really excited to give her rhinstones!
Cousin Kenzie, I loved the purple obviously and smilies!
Cousin Chloe, youngest set of nails I did, saran technique. There is also a peace sign stamped on thumbs.
Cousin Kacey, she loved the gradient effect.
I had so much fun doing all these nails, it probably took about an hour and half for all 9 sets of hands. I enjoyed watching all of them go thru colors and see each of there personalities thru polish.