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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

BPS: Plaid Water Decal, French Mani

~Press Sample~

Its a beautiful sunny morning here in Michigan, we are getting closer to summer weather :D I have some plaid water decals from The Born Pretty Store to review for you today. 


I choose these decals since I loved how they are glittery and knew they would make a great fancy french mani.

born pretty store plaid french mani water decals blue silver sparkly manicure orly essence give me nude baby review

Orly Artist: Crisp White
Essence: Give me Nude Baby

I love how easy water decals are to apply and they give you such gorgeous nail art. My nails are now at the length where french manicures look perfect, and I am sort of obsessing over it ;)

These decals are perfect for a easy fancy french manicure, you can find them here. The Born Pretty Store really has so much to offer in nail art items, they also offer free International shipping. Make sure to use my coupon code below for 10% off!!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Essence Nail Art Review

~Press Sample~

Morning, hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I had some fun doing my cousins and their friends nails for prom, I will share those designs with you later this week. For now I have the last part of my Essence products review. These items are used for nail art, which you will see below.

First up I have a mani using the polish, french manicure pen, and effect nails glitters pictured above.

essence give me nude baby review french manicure pen effect nails glequins accent nail

Essence: Give Me Nude, Baby & French Manicure Pen
Effect Nails: Call me Galaxy

Give Me Nude, Baby is the perfect nude for a french manicure, shown is two coats. 
I didn't have much luck using the manicure pen, it was rather difficult to get the look I have shown. The pen tip is plastic and only comes out in very thin lines, also it is important that your base is completely dry otherwise the plastic tip punctures the base and creates dents.
I did however really enjoy the pot of glitters for this effect nail. I choose to place some glitters at the tips to add some extra bling.

essence thats what I mint tattoo pen freehanded tribal print review

Essence: Thats What I Mint
Tattoo Pen

I choose to randomly draw some tribal designs using the Tattoo Pen. This product made me really excited to be able to draw out detailed designs. Learning from my experience with the white pen I made sure to let my base coat dry completely.  As you can see, this is great for very fine details, but it is harder to get straight thick lines.

Make sure you visit your local Ulta store to view Essence entire nail art line, they have very reasonable prices!

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Monday, May 6, 2013

First Gel Mani: French

Good Morning my lovely readers, I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I had a super busy weekend with my cousins prom, saw Iron Man 3, and had a baby shower. My nails today (and last 6 days) have been a simple gel french mani. If you like my Facebook page you may have seen that I won a HUGE Gel Kit from Red Carpet Manicure for when I entered and won the March Mani Madness contest. I decided to do a french mani with one of the kits last Tuesday since I knew how busy I would be last week and this week. That being said this may be my only post this week :S Now for my nails lets see how well I did with my first gel mani!

LED Gel Polish: Nervous with Anticipation, White Hot, and Tinsel Town

Try to ignore my stained yellow nails, I thought Nervous with Anticipation would be more pinkish but it really is more clear. As I stated above I have had this mani for 6 days now and this is pictured at 6 days... no tip wear!! I also love how smooth and shiny they are. The steps to achieve this looks was a pretty long process I think when I get more practice it will go a little quicker. Overall I am very happy to try out gel nails and feel I may have to add some nail art into the gel look :) Have you tried out any Red Carpet Manicure products, or other gel polishes? What's your thoughts?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tip Top Nails, Review, Part 2

Today I have the rest of my goodies from Tip Top, last colored polish I received is a copper brown metallic, named Coffee Mellow.
Pictured is two coats of Coffee Mellow, with Out the Door top coat. Formula and brush were perfect and dry time was quicker than the other polishes I showed you yesterday.  It has a great metalic finish and pretty fall color.

I also received french manicure nail polish set to try out. I was very excited for this chance, one thing I loved the most when younger was doing my own french manicures. Now I have the perfect set :)
Directions stated to start with white than wait for it to dry and apply two coats of the pink. The package also came with stickers to get the perfect line. My nail tips are shaped wierd and I don't like thick french tips so ignore the little sides that you can see natural tip line. The polishes applied very easily, french pink was so shiny and left such a smooth finish I didn't even use a top coat!!

My last item to review for you is Tip Top's cuticle treatment. One thing that I am not good at is keeping my cuticles moisturized, I know some of you see this in my pictures :S. Whenever I have down time at work I usually use my Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage Lotion. It just takes long and my hands get messy with the lotion so I was very excited to try this one out.
All you do is brush the oil on your cuticles like you are painting your nails. I found that the best time to apply this was as soon as I was complete with my mani, after clean up. I would let it soak for 5-10min, usually while polish is drying, than I washed my hands to remove extra oil.
One thing that I had a problem with was the brush ends seemed to be stuck together in certain places so was alittle hard to brush on. Not sure if this was just my brush default, either way having a brush is alot nicer than having to massage on lotion. My hands were mess free :) Formula seems to work great I can see a good difference in my cuticles and hopefully you can see them also in my photos!

Over all I enjoyed all of the polishes I received from Tip Top Nails. This is a great brand, I wish they had some stores near me to buy some more. I love trying out different brands and so happy I was able to show you all this one. Thanks so much Joan!

Please contact Joan thru email to purchase this polish.

*The products in this review were given/sent to me by Tip Top Nails in exchange for my honest opinion. The opinions within this review are completely my own.*