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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sat-ART-Day-Sci Fi, Star Wars

Along time ago in a galaxy far, far away... (cue music)
Welcome to Sci Fi, Sat-ART-Day! If you didn't catch my theme from above or the title... today I am sporting Star Wars nails!! Boy o Boy was this fun! Thanks to my family I am a huge Star Wars fan which made this day an easy choice of what to do!
To start I painted my pinky and pointer finger with China Glaze: White on White, my middle and ring finger base is China Glaze: Liquid Leather. I used Art Club Nail Art Duo Pen in Black, White, and Red for Storm Tropper face, R2 D2 Details, and galaxy. For R2 D2 body I used Sally Hansen: Silver Sweep and NYC: Water Street Blue with a nart art brush. Top Coat of Out the Door.
Ahhh I just love these nails! For the galaxy design I was inspired by Chalkboard Nails. For the storm trooper and R2 D2 I found the designs on google images. I really like the galaxy, totally different from the popular galaxy nail. Can't wait to see what the other girls come up with! Check them out below :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

LDTTWC Day 1- I Shoulda Been Born in....

Today is my first post in my first ever Nail Challenge!! I am very excited to be doing this challenge, the theme is Lets Do the Time Warp Challenge (LDTTWC). It is sponsored by Nail Polish Canada and thank you Neverland Nail Blog for arranging this challenge. I will post two times a week for four weeks, and each day is a different theme. See picture below to see what is coming up next.
Now onto what I chose for the theme: I shoulda been born in...  You are to choose a year or decade that you wish you coulda lived in. Now actually I love the year I was born in, I dont think I could do with out the technolgy so I decided that it could only get better from this point. This being said I shoulda been born in the FUTURE!
My inspiration for what to do for future nails comes from a movie I enjoyed when younger Zenon Z3, about a girl who lived in space and traveled to earth in the year 2054. I would love the idea of being able to live in space and go back and forth to different planets. This is why I did the galaxy nail, since it seems everday we are trying to learn more about space and someday in the future we will end up being able to travel to and from like Zenon did.
How I created this mani was using a Foil: Silver Dots for my pinky and pointer nail. Glaxy nails basecoat is China Glaze: VIII, the other colors used are Nina Ultra Pro: Solar Flare and Punki Purple, Zoya: Kendal,  and Icing: Glamarous. Top coat of Out the Door. I followed this tutorial for how to create galaxy nails, this was my first attempt.
I am quite happy with how this turned out, creating the galaxy nail was fun. I think my view on the theme will be alot different form everyone else's make sure to check out thier by viewing the pics below.  Hope you like it also!! :)