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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Glitter Accent/With Removal Technique

If you keep up with other blogs I am sure by now you have heard of this new technique to remove glitter with out having to soak them in acetone and cover in foil! Anyone who wears glitter understands the hassle of removing glitter, and frankly I try to stay away from it also, unless I know I wont be changing my nails for a few days. To try out this new technique I did just an accent nail.
All nails are two coats of Zoya: Robyn. For the glitter you start by painting your nail with white glue, yup just elemers school glue works which by the way is less than a dollar! You let the glue dry completely so it is clear, than you paint on the glitter. Three coats of  Zoya: Twila. Top coat of Out the Door.

 I did my research on this technique before trying it, but one tip I got from the other bloggers is to not put your regular base coat underneath the glue. This is a good tutorial.
To remove you use an orangestick or something like and start on the edge and try to get underneath to lift polish off nail. You have to apply some pressure at first, after you get a piece underneath it is super easy to pull the rest off :)
My tip is to make sure the glue is COMPLETELY DRY, this is very important. I am so excited to have this new technique I have a feeling more glitter mani's will be featured on my blog :)

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