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Friday, November 16, 2012

Chevron Stamped Sandwhich

I recently tried out the chevron technique with doing v-tips and absoltely love how simple it was. I wanted to try to combine that with stamping and came up with this idea! I am calling this a sandwhich because the stamping is in the middle of the chevrons, hehe.
Two coats of OPI: Peep's Purple Passion, used Essie: Good as Gold for stamping and chevron tip. Stamping plate is Cheeky: CH4, top coat of Out The Door.
I really like how it transitions between the two colors, I can already tell that you will be seeing alot of this soon. It's so simple you start with your base than tape off the V and stamp, once that is dried tape off another V and use your stamping color for the tip. I just might make my first tutorial :)!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dark Purple and Gold

Today's NOTD is a fun blingy mani, I wanted to use my glequins and of course stamping on the other nails :) The colors I used were actually inspired by a black and gold blackberry, but I went with dark purple which you can't really tell.
Base color is China Glaze: VIII, stamping color is Essie: Gold as Gold with stamping plate Mash-41. Top coat of Out the Door. Sorry for the dry cuticles :S
Very simple design that really makes an impact. I think I may being doing more with glequins they are so blingy and really stand out. The only pain is removal which I didn't think of but from now on I will be using glue technique under them. You can get glequins at Born Pretty Store, use this code for 10% off MLE10W21!!
Have you given this technique a try yet?

Friday, August 10, 2012

Gold Stamping

Thanks to heartNATs guest post I decided to try out stamping with mirror metallics as well. I also recently bought a new stamper. I started out with the one from salon express and was sick of the problems so I bought a Konad one.
My base color is two coats of NYC: Manhattan, I stamped with was Essie: Gold as Gold, stamping plate used was BM-221. Top coat of Out the Door.
Natalie was right the mirror metallic's are great to work with! I feel like this mani is so sophisticated, burgundy and gold defiantly a new favorite color combination! Konad stamper is THE BEST! I finally can get some better results with my nail stamping, supper excited for mani's to come.
Whats your thoughts?