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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Glitter 31DC2013 Mani

 photo me_zps76cb00ed.png

 Today I have a simple glitter gradients for my challenge mani. I just realized that we are over half way thru the challenge!! I have been having fun with this challenge but it defiantly feels good to be almost done :D

Color Club:  Take me to Your Chateaux
Icing:  Epic Winning

I ususally stay away from glitter since it's so hard to remove, but it was nice using my peel off base and only having to wear this mani one day :D

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Recycle Accent Nail Mani

 photo me_zps76cb00ed.png

I don't have much to say about today's mani, so quick post with mostly pictures. I decided to recycle my accent nail from yesterday for today's design.

Zoya: Yana
Color Club: Harp on It
Icing: Glamorous

I was being lazy and didn't want to remove the glitter so adding new color and holo dots was the quickest design I could think of. Enjoy your day!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Bacherlotte Skittlelette Mani

 photo me_zps76cb00ed.png

 Happy Monday readers, boy did I have a crazy weekend. I celebrated a bacherlotte party Saturday and today I am sharing the mani I wore for the occasion. I am crazy tired today so short worded, check out the mani below!

Sinful Colors: Black on Black
Sally Hansen: Silver Sweep
Icing: Glamorous
Jumbo Cheeky: Tropical Holiday

I love the black and silver together, those bottles are to represent all the wine we drank :S. Hope your week is starting off great!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Magnetic Gradient

I have a super fun mani today! I am sure by now we have all seen the magnetic polishes, but my thought is what kind of creations can you come up with magnetic polishes? I stumbled upon Laurie from Dressed up Digits post of doing gradients with the magnetic polishes!! Now this is exciting...
To start you do a normal gradient, using make up sponge I used my two magnetic polishes I have. Nabi: burgundy color and Icing: Graphite color. (They don't have names) I applied the gradient twice to make sure I had enough polish on the nail. Than to make the polish wet again so the magnet will attract the pieces you apply a top coat (one that isn't quick drying) and place magnet above nail, hold for 20 sec. You are left with a magnetic gradient!!
I love this idea SO much, i may end up buying a couple more magnetic polishes before they disappear :) The only disappointment I have with the magnetic affect is that the magnets aren't always strong enough to get the sides of my nails since they are more rounded than flat.
Do you know of any techniques to help the cause?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Black and Silver Squares

Here is one of the many patchwork nails you will see me post. I love these designs and incorporating four and three colors at a time.
 For the first color I used my favorite silver chrome, Sally Hansen Fast Dry: Silver Sweep. It only needs one coat and dry's SO fast don't even need to add SV to speed up drying time. Next I tape off a square and added Icing: Glamourous, than SV. Then same process for next square with using Nicole by OPI: Follow me on Glitter, part of the Kardashian Kolors Collection. I really liked how this looked but my original plan was to add black...

 And tah dah! my finished patchwork. I wanted to have a black and silver mani and chose 2 sparkles in each color to give me my four colors! So much fun.

Ehh Pink Mani

Well this will be one of the few pink mani's ill do. I am not a huge fan of pink in general you'll see alot more purple mani's from me. I do like the design, it was my first time using a nail art pen so I can see I need alittle more practice with a steady hand.
For my base I used Studio M:Thunderbolt, just one coat. Than I taped off diagonally and applied Icing: Glitteratti, one coat of SV. Then using Art Club Nail art Duo: White, I used the pen and drew a line to help distinguish the separation. This nail polish dried really fast I was delighted by that. Than I decided to use my matte finish from NYC color to finish my mani off. Matte over any sparkly nail polish gives it a neat finish, if you have never done it, do so immediately!
Hope there are some pink lovers out there that appreciate this design. Unfortunately it only lasted over night on me :S.