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Thursday, February 20, 2014

BPS Rainbow Studs, Review

 photo me_zps76cb00ed.png photo button_zpsc89bd61d.png

Morning! My mani today will be the last for alittle while. I just broke a couple of nails so I want to take some time to get them back into good health. I have a review of some rainbow like studs from the Born Pretty Store.  Below is a close up, you can see you get 10 studs.

I do wish they came more in a pack, if your like me you go thru studs like nail polish remover. I found that the stud design match a nail foil I had, so I choose to incorporate both into my mani.

China Glaze: Harmony
Kleancolor: Metallic Green and Aqua
Essie: Good as Gold

Underneath the stamp I did a distressed mani using metallic's. These studs applied easily and they don't stick off the nail any different from other studs. I love the color of these studs, it's so much fun to see studs not just a solid color.
These studs are 3mm and you can get the same rainbow pattern in 5 other sizes here for only $2.63.  The Born Pretty Store really has so much to offer in nail art items, they also offer free International shipping. Make sure to use my coupon code below for 10% off!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Metallic and Matte

 photo me_zps76cb00ed.png

Late post today, I had a meeting with a client this morning. I recently seen a mani that had a matte background with metallic stamping and wanted to recreate that design.

Zoya: Sailor
Kleancolor: Metallic Saphire

I really love using different finishes together. The metallic really stands out on top of a matte background.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

BPS Metal Chain, Review

 photo me_zps76cb00ed.png photo button_zpsc89bd61d.png

Good Morning! Today I have a product from the Born Pretty Store that I reviewed. It is 50 cm of metal chain that you can use as nail art. I thought it would be great to use with my chain stamping plate, check out the my mani below.

Zoya: Robyn and Mosheen
Kleancolor: Metallic Black
Cheeky Jumbo 3


You can see the chain doesn't stick off the nail much. which is great so it doesn't get caught on objects.  These were simple to apply, just use a top coat and while wet place the chain. Also you can cut with regular scissors to the size you need.

This Metal Chain is available is 7 colors, including many neons! You get 50cm for $2.35, which will defiantly last me awhile. The Born Pretty Store really has so much to offer in nail art items, they also offer free International shipping. Make sure to use my coupon code below for 10% off!!

Friday, September 20, 2013

A Song 31DC2013 Mani

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"IT WAS 99 CENTS!" So who guessed it, what song am I inspired by for today's post? Thrift Shop by Macklemore! This song became popular a couple months ago but I am still obsesed with it. Below is the music video, so if your not familiar with the song you can listen to it and know how my nails represent it.

Color Club: Poetic Hues
OPI: Dont Pretzel my Buttons
Zoya: Neely and Hunter
Kleancolor: Metallic Saphire
Essie: Good as Gold
butter London: Matte Finish

Ok so let me break down what part of the song each nail represents. Starting with the pinkie and ring nail there is a jean pocket and $20 symbol which goes with "only got $20 in my pocket." Middle nail is a tag symbol which goes with " I'm gonna pop some tags." Lastly pointer is 99 cents symbol which, as mentioned above, goes with "It was 99 cents!"

I am totally in love with these nails, and super excited how I thought of this design. I hope you are now also obsessed with this song :D Enjoy what's left of your weekend!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Candy with Hard Candy Sprinkle

 photo me_zps76cb00ed.png
Good Morning lovelies, today I have a cute candy mani design. I was going thru my polishes and realized I haven't used many of my Hard Candy polishes more than once, so I decided to come up with a candy theme using one of the sprinkle polishes. 

Hard Candy: Pixie Pink
Color Club: Foil Me Once
Kleancolor: Metallic Aqua
Sally Hansen: Silver Sweep

I used the colors of the glitters in Pixie Pink to help me choose my coordinating polishes. Of course I took the literal meaning of Hard Candy and stamped with this fun candy image! This mani can sort of look mish mash but when you realize how I corilated it all, it makes more sense :D

Sunday, March 10, 2013

31 DC, Day 11: Splatter

For my second post today I have a Splatter mani for the Laid Back 31 Day Challenge. This is my second attempt at a splatter mani and I think I like this one a lot better :)

OPI: DS Extravagance
Kleancolor: Metallic Fuscia
Color Club:Harp On It

The splatter is a little harder to see because I choose very similar colors, but I think I like it this way. I especially LOVE the holo as splattered! I forgot how gorgeous DS Extravagance is I actually wore it two days on its own before I added the splatter :) Check out the others entries below!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Glequin Gradient

OMG today's nails will not disappoint you if you love gradients and sparkles!! I have been trying to think out of the box and come up with something new. I was staring at my container of glequins and decided I need to use more of them. When I saw how many awesome color combinations I could do I thought of making a gradient with them, and came up with this.

The colors for the gradient are Sally Hansen: Silver Sweep, Kleancolor: Metallic Aqua , piCture pOlish: Bomb Shell, and top coat of Out the Door

Isn't it just gorgeous!!!! I originally only did my ring finger in the glequins but I decided to add the middle finger (after my sisters approval) she wanted me to include her in this post. Than I almost did all my nails covered in glequins cause it's so sparkly!! I see this design reappearing alot :D

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Metalic Snowflakes

Today I have some more snowy nails! For some reason I keep wanting to incorporate snowflakes in my designs, I also wanted to make a brighter version of my subtle snowflakes design I did on monday.
Base, coat China Glaze: White on White, than I applied Orly: Winter Wonderland and two coats of butter LONDON: Matte Finish. Using Kleancolor: Metalic Aqua and Sapphire on stamping plates BM-319, 318. Top coat of Out the Door.
I defiently love metalic stamping on matte's. I may have done alittle to many snowflakes but they were so pretty!
Do you prefer this brighter design over my subtle design from monday?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sparkly Houndstooth

Today I have a crazy sparkly mani to show you. My idea for this mani was inspired by some fabric that I selected for a client yesterday. The pattern is Houndstooth, I remebered seeing this pattern in my Bundle Monster stamping plate and decided I should try it out.
My base coat that can take credit for all the sparkle is two coats of China Glaze: Glistening Snow. I used Kleancolor: Metalic Aqua for stamping on plate BM-322, two top coats of Out the Door.
I can't get enough of this sparkle! Glistening Snow has a really rough finish which requred two coats of top coat, but doing so added to the sparkle so it's no big deal. This color is making me really excited for holiday mani's, I can already vision red and this sparkle!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Accent Spider and Web

Today I have another halloweeny mani, I bought this gorgeous pastel/creamy orange and immediately knew I had to use it in a Halloween mani :) The brand is new to me, I found it at Rite Aid. Check it out.
Base color is two coats of Julie: 9 to 5 (possibly color name), using stamping plate BM- 13 I stamped the spider web with Kleancolor: Metallic Orange, and the spider with Konad Special Nail Polish: Black. For the remaining fingers I used plate: Mash-38 with Metallic Orange. Top coat of Out the Door.
I love how the two oranges look together, I don't think I have ever worn orange nails before. I choose to do only an accent spider nails since I think having them all would be to busy. The full stamp design is possibly an animal print?? I just thought it looked spooky which is what Halloween is about!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Quick Butterfly Stamp

I added this butterfly stamp to my mani from yesterday, I easily get bored with bare colors and this is a quick way to spruce them up! Stamp was from BM-205. Konad special black polish. Always love an accent finger!
What do you think?

Monday, July 9, 2012

Holo Blue, Kleancolor

 I mentioned that I wondered how the Kleancolor Holo's would look over a base color, so this post is an example of how the Holo Blue looks.
The base color I used was Kleancolor: Metallic Aqua, this was another one of my new colors. I was able to get away with one coat of Holo Blue since I used a base coat. Out the Door Top Coat.
It defiantly shines ALOT more having start with a metallic color as base. I think that the rest of my holos would also look good over the corresponding color from the metallic collection of Kleancolor.
Do you prefer these colors over a base also? or just 3 coats on their own?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My Sister's 4th of July Mani


I wasn't expecting to have another post for you today but my sister surprised me yesterday and wanted me to do a red, white, and blue mani. I wanted to share with you what we came up with.
A quick description of the nails, thumb and ring finger have horizontal red white and blue than stamped on a peace sign. The red was a China Glaze with Glitter Gal Holographic top coat. White was a transfer foil called Silver Dots, and the blue base coat was a China Glaze than topped with Kleancolor Glitter I received in the nail mail saturday. 
I liked how this turned out alot! I got to use alot of my new polishes and practice the foiling again. I wanted to make it really blingy for her to show her friends. I can't wait to hear what kind of compliments she got.
Enjoy this beautiful day!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Stamping over Kleancolor Skittle

So I stamped over my mani from yesterday. Please ignore the sloppiness of the pinky stamping. I used plate BM-201. Konad special Black and White polish. I had to do white over the blue since black would of been to dark. I love how the sparkle shows thru. These colors will be fun to play with this summer, and capture all the sparkle.

Polish  Wars blog is having a giveaway, check it out here ends 7/9/12

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Kleancolor Holo Skittle

If you saw my post late last night you know that I got my polishes in the mail, and I mentioned doing a Skittle Mani. I am most excited about the holos that I got so I wanted to start with them.
Each nail took three coats, the formula was expected of a holo just had a longer drying period. Mine don't look so much as linear holo more scattered, which is different from photos I saw online.
Color names are not to complicated there is Holo Green, Holo Orange, Holo Pink, Holo Blue and Holo Chrome. Top coat of Out the Door.
Captured the sparkle!
To me the chrome is a dark blue and it is probably my favorite of them all. I think lighter colors don't look that great as Holos. They also have a Holo Yellow I choose not to buy tho. My next idea for these is to start with a base coat that is similar so that it may only require one or two coats, and also how it looks over black and white.
For only 1.75 ea. I think they are great colors to have, cheaper way to get holos that for sure. The link is posted on the right side of my blog of where you can buy them, check out the Beauty Joint!
Which one is your favorite?

Saturday, June 30, 2012


I barely ever post twice in one day but today has been the most perfect day ever! Beach was amazing, got a nice photo of my peacock nails in the sand. The weather was nice the entire time, got some nice pictures and safely made it back home. What did I see when I got home you ask? My two packages that I ordered!! I am overly excited for this batch of mail because its holds new brands for me :) I told myself that I am not to order any more nail polish till I get me another job, but I stumbled upon Rebecca Likes Nails blog I got overwhelmed. She has so many post of swatches and included a link to site to get Kleanocolor for 1.75 ea.! I was sold, than I have also been wanting to buy from Llarowe to get the brand Hits, so when she posted about the brand Glitter Gal that is also sold on Llarowe I had to get one of her colors. So with out further ado, picture of my new polishes!!
O I might of forgot to add that half of these are Holos!! My only one disappoint from these are that the Glitter Gal is SOO small. Ill have to use that sparingly which is hard cause I've seen so many designs done with it. Now my problem is where do I start?? I almost want to do a skittle so I can try more than one at a time! Hint to next post :) Let me know what you would like to see and I'll get to it!