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Sunday, January 20, 2013

My Nail Polish Stash/Setup Update

Well it has been a long time since I have posted about my Nail Polish Stash, my last post was in June if you want to see that post check here. I defiantly got a lot more polish and a very different setup going on now. Check out the pics below.

This is pretty much the complete set up. I have two Melmers stacked with my light box on top, here is a tutorial for how to make one. To the left is an end table that I use to do my nails on top, and that's my bed lower right that I sit on while I do my nails. I have a nail polish rack that you see on the wall, currently holds holos and some liquid sands. On the floor is an easy carrying container that I have all my nail art supplies in.

Here you can see close ups of the nail polish rack and my decorated Melmers :) I just recently made the nail polish rack and used this tutorial but only made it half the size. Also I decorated the Melmers last week Rebecca from Rebecca likes nail has a nice tutorial for how to do this if you interested link here. You can pretty much make any design with scrap booking paper!

I am really loving this setup, I have everything I need in one spot and its so organized. O also have you seen so much purple in one spot before,  just imagine what my whole room looks like :D Well I hope you enjoyed this quick update, when June comes this year I will update with my nail polish count!!