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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Liquid Palisade Review

 Today I have a very interesting product to share with you that was sent to me. Liquid Palisade as defined by the company is "A liquid, paint-on barrier that covers and protect fingernail cuticles from polish mishaps (you peel it off after you polish!)" Basically you paint this on your nails wherever you DON'T want polish to go.

 It comes in a 10g tube kind of like a lip gloss container. The brush inside the tube perfectly suits its purpose. It's small yet a good length and the bristles are just the right amount of flexible! It also is perfect for precise designs! I have a few different designs that I used this for to give you some ideas of how you can use this product.

This is if you're painting a simple manicure, you can use it around your nails to prevent any mess and reduce clean up. 

Here it is using as a guide for a french tip (Please excuse my dry cuticle)

This is a design option instead of using stripping tape. I defiantly prefer this method since cutting and placing stripping tape can be a pain. The brush makes it quite simple to draw straight lines.

My favorite method for using the Palisade is for gradients. Normally those can get pretty messy and have a lot of clean up. This minimized the whole clean up process.

Another option since you can draw so easily is making curved lines. Stripping tape doesn't give you this option. I am sure their is tons of designs you could come up with also!

A little goes a long way when using Liquid Palisade, you only need a thin layer. Once you apply it in your desired areas let dry, it goes on as a light purple and dries dark pink, once it is dry you can begin to polish. Just like using tape you want to remove the Liquid Palisade before the polish dries, it is easiest to remove with tweezers. here is a picture of what the residue looks like.

Removing is very simple, it does not stick to your skin or nail at all! Now for the overall look to this multi design mani is shown below. I choose the greens for a St Patty mani :)

Zoya: Shawn
Color Club: Fly With Me

Overall I enjoyed Liquid Palisade alot. I can see myself using this for all my gradients and for more creative design that I need curved lines. For this bottle it cost $22, I can tell that it will defiantly last awhile since you don't need to use much at all. It does have a distinctive smell that can take some getting used to, but that seems to come with all nail products.

You can purchase this product here. For a limited time there is also free shipping!

*The products in this review were given/sent to me by Kiesque Products in exchange for my honest opinion. The opinions within this review are completely my own.*