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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Accent Finger Stamping

Sorry about the picture not being centered, trying to get one to show the shine.
For the red color I used CND: Relay Red, and top coat of Essie LuxEffect. I used Sally Girl: White for under the zebra stamp. Than I taped off the triangle to give it just alittle more design.
I love this idea alot and can see more to come in the future! Hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Mature Look

So today I decided to wear a dark more "mature" look. I had my internship meeting so I wanted to look more professional, than I added a touch of flare when I got home :) I still think its classy, plus my next few post my be more bright/obnoxious since I'll be going on vacation Friday!!
So to start I did two layers of NYC-Manhattan, this is what I wore for my meeting. Than I added a simple diagonal strip through the nail with scotch tape of Essie Luxeffects-Shine of the Time. Than my top coat Out the Door. I LOVE the effect of Shine of the Time, when I first bought it I tried it with ever color I had, never found one it looks bad on :) I do prefer it with darker colors cause it pops more and you can see all the different colors!
I just bought a nail stamping kit, so look forward to seeing some stamping designs!