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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Magnetic Gradient

I have a super fun mani today! I am sure by now we have all seen the magnetic polishes, but my thought is what kind of creations can you come up with magnetic polishes? I stumbled upon Laurie from Dressed up Digits post of doing gradients with the magnetic polishes!! Now this is exciting...
To start you do a normal gradient, using make up sponge I used my two magnetic polishes I have. Nabi: burgundy color and Icing: Graphite color. (They don't have names) I applied the gradient twice to make sure I had enough polish on the nail. Than to make the polish wet again so the magnet will attract the pieces you apply a top coat (one that isn't quick drying) and place magnet above nail, hold for 20 sec. You are left with a magnetic gradient!!
I love this idea SO much, i may end up buying a couple more magnetic polishes before they disappear :) The only disappointment I have with the magnetic affect is that the magnets aren't always strong enough to get the sides of my nails since they are more rounded than flat.
Do you know of any techniques to help the cause?

Monday, April 9, 2012

Magnetic Nail Polish Design

Hope everyone had a great Easter! My nails where a hit at my family party, I almost kept them on for another day cause I loved them so much. Instead I found a way to use my magnetic nail polish in a way I liked it! I could never get a great turn out when I tried to do the whole nail.
I used two coats of Essie: Nice is Nice, than with my Nabi Magnetic Nail Polish in Burgundy I applied a stripe down the middle and used the diagonal magnetic for the design. I added some sparkle with my Art Club Nail Art Duo Stripper: Silver Glitter, on the sides of the magnetic stripe.
To me this design is fancy and love how great the magnetic design appears. I would of liked to have a better base color, but I used what I had. I think since my nail is curved its hard for the magnetic to affect the sides so the design never appears well, this was a great way to get around to it.
How do you feel about the magnetic nail polish?