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Friday, June 28, 2013

My Stash Update!

Happy Friday lovelies, sorry for the no post yesterday, I broke and chipped a couple nails Wednesday so didn't feel like painting them. Today I don't have any nails to share either, but I hope to get some for next week being themed for the 4th of July!

 Today I wanted to do my update from a year ago on my nail stash. You can see my first stash post here, I had a total of  147 polishes back than! Earlier this year I changed my polish set up and posted that, you can view it here. I haven't changed my set up at all, having it arrange this way makes it really simple for me. I do have my wall shelf filled up with new holo's and texture polishes tho. 

The new information I have for you today is my current nail polish count! I must say that it would defiantly be higher if I haven't been restricting myself for past two months. Also I did not add in any polishes I owned for awhile but gave away in giveaways or to my sister. My grand total for polished I currently own, and this is no joke, I have exactly 400 polishes!

I more than doubled from last year... not sure how I feel about that. :D How many polishes do you own? Have a wonderful weekend!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

My Nail Polish Stash/Setup Update

Well it has been a long time since I have posted about my Nail Polish Stash, my last post was in June if you want to see that post check here. I defiantly got a lot more polish and a very different setup going on now. Check out the pics below.

This is pretty much the complete set up. I have two Melmers stacked with my light box on top, here is a tutorial for how to make one. To the left is an end table that I use to do my nails on top, and that's my bed lower right that I sit on while I do my nails. I have a nail polish rack that you see on the wall, currently holds holos and some liquid sands. On the floor is an easy carrying container that I have all my nail art supplies in.

Here you can see close ups of the nail polish rack and my decorated Melmers :) I just recently made the nail polish rack and used this tutorial but only made it half the size. Also I decorated the Melmers last week Rebecca from Rebecca likes nail has a nice tutorial for how to do this if you interested link here. You can pretty much make any design with scrap booking paper!

I am really loving this setup, I have everything I need in one spot and its so organized. O also have you seen so much purple in one spot before,  just imagine what my whole room looks like :D Well I hope you enjoyed this quick update, when June comes this year I will update with my nail polish count!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Stash

I have decided to share picture of my stash with you today. I love seeing other bloggers and decided that it would be neat to have a picture of what I started with and than after a year see how much it grew!
Now the containers I use are different from other bloggers, their stash is more stationary I like to be able to carry mine around. My sister likes me to bring my stash home on days I visit, and lately my cousins have been asking for mani so this will make that easier than having them come to my small house with 2 roommates.
The clear container on top has all my nail art and stamping equipment, I just bought that this morning since all I had was the boxes from shipping. The green lid containers is full of my more high end polishes, with cotton balls and remover laying on top. The pink container has nail cutters and files in the pink compartments than it has a tray on the top that I keep my nail treatments and french manicure polishes. The bottom of the container is full of department store polishes ones that I have had since a kid to.
All these containers I have bought at Hobby Lobby you can get them so cheap with the 40% off coupon!
Grand Total of all nail polishes is 147!! Can't wait to see what I have in a year!