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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Guest Post- The Polish Perfectionist

Hello everyone! In my recent event of having to cut my nails short due to flaking and weak nail tips I asked Laura from The Polish Perfectionist blog to share her intelligence on the issue. If you haven't yet seen her blog you NEED to check it out!! Her blog title portrays exactly how her mani's look, like perfection, I am sure we all  hope to have her nails someday.

One of her more recent mani's that I absolutely feel in love with is her water marble flower (pictured below).  I love the pastel and how delicate this mani looks, I can't wait to try my own but with purple instead of pink :) Isn't this picture pure perfection?!?!
Without further ado, welcome-
Laura Nantz
Nail Technician/Makeup Artist/Esthetician
The Polish Perfectionist Blog (
“When you have issues with dryness, flaking and weakness in your nail there are many things you can do to help with dry, flaking and weak nails. As a professional I recommend to my clients to invest in Biotin, Vitamin E and whole milk. A lot of times these issues are caused by protein and vitamin deficiencies and very often by continuous dehydration. Let me tell you a bit more about these products:
Biotin is part of the B vitamin family and is helpful not just in creating healthier nails but hair as well. Biotin is found in a lot of common foods like egg yolk and wheat bran. (Make sure to consult your doctor before starting a supplement)  *Remember* biotin is not an instant fix it will help your nails as they grow out so the current breaking or weakness you are experiencing needs to grow out but after a few months you will start to notice a difference.
Vitamin E is amazing on your cuticles! My clients always seem to forget that your cuticle needs to be healthy as well and vitamin E is a great solution. Vitamin E helps to moisturize your cuticles and to prevent dryness and it helps reduce the scaling and dry cracks on the skin and the cuticle. I suggest purchasing a bottle of Vitamin E soft gel tablets (Do Not Ingest) one pill a day should suffice for all 10 fingers and 10 toes. Just pierce a hole in the gel tablet and apply to the cuticle (not the nail). I recommend applying it before moisturizer around bedtime or after the shower.
Whole Milk is helpful for protein deficiencies in the nails. Nails are made of keratin and can become weak and can split if they are deficient. You can soak your and feet if necessary in whole milk once a week or you can change your diet! Other great sources for protein would be things like fish, red meat, chicken, eggs and quinoa.
Water…this is quite common sense. If your body is dehydrated it is going to pull moisture from anywhere it is available in the body so drink up!
Because I am an ecogeek I personally recommend organic or natural forms of all of these products. There are many more things that can be taken or recommended but this is my magical bundle of products I tell my clients to invest in.

How to get a clean finish to your manicures:
It is actually quite simple…a brush & a Q-tip!
 Many people get frustrated because of the trouble they have cleaning up that pesky cuticle line. I am a fan of using a brush dipped in nail polish remover to clean up the polish close to the cuticle. My favorite brushes are Square Flat fine art brushes. You can usually find them at Michaels for around $3. I prefer ones with long handles but to each his (or her) own.
For larger cleanup on the skin you can use a Q-tip dipped in remover but make sure to re-moisturize the area later. (I finish up my manicures with a small amount of Solar Oil to the skin around the nail.)”

Wasn't this great information!! I already use an angle brush with acetone to clean around my cuticles, and boy does it really make a difference! To make my nails stronger I am going to try Biotin as she suggested. Lets hope in a few months I have those perfect nails like Laura!

Thanks so much Laura! I hope everyone will benefit from this informative post as much as I have!