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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Candy Shimmer

 photo me_zps76cb00ed.png

Hello Lovelies, my mani today is rather simple. I am still trying to use all my new Mundo stamping polishes and that calls for skittlettes. I choose a candy stamp for today since I LOVE candy :D

OPI: Ski Teal We Drop
Orly: Halley's Comet
Mundo 24
Cheeky Jumbo Plate 7

Once again no problems stamping with Mundo polish and check out all that pigment. I forgot how beautiful Haley's Comet is from Orly, one downfall from having so many polishes.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sheer Stamping Sandwich

 photo me_zps76cb00ed.png

Happy Tuesday everyone, I hope you checked out my giveaway from yesterday! I have a super fun design to share with you today. I used the concept of a jelly sandwich to make this 'sheer stamping sandwich' design. I was playing around and trying to think out of the box for a fun design and came up with this idea.

Nicole by OPI: Nothing Kim-pares to Blue
Sinful Colors: Black on Black
Cheeky Jumbo Happy Nails

I really love this design, it looks like a faded design. You start with one thin coat of your sheer polish, then stamp, and add another coat of your sheer polish. I did try this with a jelly polish and have to say it didn't quite work, unless you wanted to add 5 coats of polish :S. This is a great oppurtunity to use any sheer polish you have, I know I barely use any of mine.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Flowers and Stripes

I am super psyched to share my nails with you all today! I have been wanting to try out floral nails for a while and finally worked up the courage to give it a shot :) I also found this tutorial that made it look so easy to accomplish, and it was.
My base coat is Lime Crime: Milky Way  I used Lime Crime: Lavendairy, Nicole by OPI: Khloe had alittle Lam Lam and Nail Art Duo Pen in Black and White for floral and stripes nails, finishing with top coat of Out the Door.
Ahhh it's so cute and dainty! I for see many more floral designs in my near future :)
Have you tried out floral nails yet? If not give it a try and let me know how they turn out!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holographic Holidays: Sweet Treats

Today is my last day for Holographic Holidays challenge, you can still join in for tomorrow's tho if you want! Today's them is Sweet Treats, and what is more sweet than Candy Canes during christmas time? Nothing!
I started with a base coat of China Glaze: White on White and added two coats of Spectraflair top coat. I stamped with China Glaze: Merry Berry and Nicole by OPI: Khloe had a Little Lam Lam on plate HD10.
The white hologram was hard to capture but look how glorious it is! I love using single stamps and making them into my own full nail stamp, espically this one with differnt colors :)
Check back later to see what the other ladies did for Sweet Treat theme.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sat-ART-Day: Anything Christmasy

For today's Sat-ART-Day theme I have a simple Christmassy design! All I did was pull some Christmas like colors and figure out how I wanted to incorporate them into a design.
The three colors I used are Zoya: Lisa (red), Nicole by OPI: Khloe had alittle Lam Lam (green) and Essie: Good as Gold, top coat of Out the Door.
I forgot how easy braid mani's are, and I LOVE the look of this design. You don't always need to add stamping and complicated nail art. I am off to get my families Christmas tree, enjoy your weekend!!
Check out the other ladies that are participating below!

Monday, December 3, 2012

HJCC: Day1, Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

Welcome to Holly Jolly Christmas Challenge! For this challenge we will be posting ever Monday and on Christmas. I am super excited for this challenge, to start off today is Rocking Around the Christmas Tree :)
I started with one coat China Glaze: White on White, using stamping plate BM-225 and Essie: Good as Gold, Nicole by OPI: Khloe had alittle Lam Lam, and China Glaze: Merry Berry I stamped the ornament randomly. My base coat for my accent nail is butter LONDON: Pillar Box Red, OPI: Live and Let Die was used for the Christmas Tree, I added a gold rhinestone for the star. Top coat of Out the Door. Check out what you can look forward to seeing every monday of December.
You can find the tutorial for the Christmas Tree at Nailside. I really love the ornament nails, it is so much fun using a single stamp and making it into a full nail stamp. Make sure to click thru on all the links to see the other lovely participants :)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkey, Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone is having a great thanksgiving, filled with family and yummy food!! I did a cute turkey for my thanksgiving nails.
Zoya: Codie is base color for four of my nails and the turkey body, Zoya: Cho is base coat for ring ringer. Feather colors are Color Club: Almost famous, Zoya: Riley , NYC: Traffic Jam Orange, and Nicole by OPI: Khloe had a Little Lam Lam. I used my Art Club Duo Pen in White, Black, and Red for the rest of the Turkey details.
I will be having dinner with my family tonight and can't wait to do all my cousins nails!! :)
Also I will be with out a computer this weekend so no post till Monday :(

Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Mani 3, Pumpkins

I am excited about my nails today. I originally got the idea to do this from Rebecca Likes Nails she did this mani with apples, view it here. So in the spirit of fall I changed it to pumpkins instead!
My base color is Zoya: Avery, orange is NYC: Traffic Jam Orange, green is Nicole by OPI: Khloe and a Little Lam Lam, top coat of Out the Door
I love how cute this mani is, I got alot of compliments at one of my jobs :)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall 'Clouds'

I have a beautiful collaboration of colors to show you today. I consider them to be fall colors and I haven't done the 'cloud' design in a long time so I wanted to revisit it today :)
My three colors are Zoya: Avery and Codie, Nicole by OPI: Khloe had a little Lam-Lam. Top coat of Out the Door.
I almost forgot how amazing Khloe had a little Lam-Lam was. I hope you can see the difference between the brown an green, it stood out alot more in life was hard to capture on camera. The colors are so elegant I really loved the turn out.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Dots with Spectraflair

Today I have a quick mani to show you. Using spectraflair once again :)
My base color is Orly: Plum Noir, used my dotting tool with Spectraflair Top Coat to place dots on vertical to the side of the nail, and top coat of Out the Door.
Very simple mani that anyone can do, the dots in the holo looked like rainbows in the sun was gorgeous.
I went shopping later in the day and came home with a Nicole by OPI Texture:Opal Texture I found on clearance, I couldn't wait to try it out and thought "hey it might look good over this mani" Sadly it didn't crackle at all, but it turned into a matte like finish with sparkles. Check it out.
I think what may have caused it not to shatter was that it had a top coat applied, but I will have to try the shatter on it's own soon to find out if that was my problem. I still love the effect that it did give this mani.
Do you prefer to see more simple designs?

Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympics 2012

In light of the opening ceremony for Olympics 2012 in London I have a themed mani! Featuring medals and the Olympic Symbol
Colors I used was Wet N Wild: French Creme, China Glaze: Red Pearl, Frostbite, Nicole by OPI: Khloe had a little lam lam, Color Club: Daisy Does it, Essie: Gold as gold, Penny Talk, Sally Hansen: Silver Sweep, Art Club Pen Duo: Black. Top coat of Out the Door.
This turned out so well, I love this mani sooo much. My absolute favorite mani that I have done so far!
Go USA!! :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Watermelons, by my Sister

My sister asked to do my nails while on vacation, she was very excited to use my tools and show me what she can do! We almost ended up doing lady bugs but she decided on Watermelons, which I have been wanting to do so it worked out well!
To start with my base colors for the accent nails was Nicole by OPI: Khloe had a Little Lam Lam, and for the other three nails base coat was China Glaze: Mediterranean Charm. For the lighter green rind part Zoya:  Wednesday. She applied the strips using the dotting tool on the accent fingers, and used a brush for the French Tip. Using my Nail art Duo Pen: Black, she drew on the seeds.
It was alot of fun showing her how to use the dotting pen and brush. She struggle to start but I think she got the hang of it on the third nail. I was happy to see her enjoy doing my nails but she still has alittle work to get to my level ;)
Don't you think these look pretty good!!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Sparkle Peacock!

As I posted last week I bought the Bundle Monster Set and the ever so popular peacock stamp is the one reason I really wanted it. This mani has alot of different styles and here is mine!
To start with I did a vertical gradient which is different from horizontal ones. The colors I used were Orly: Halleys Commet, Nicole by OPI: Kendal on the Katwalk and Nina Ultra Pro: Purplin-Xing. I used plate BM-212 and stamped with Sally Hansen: Silver Sweep. Added blue dots with dotting tool and used Color Club: Sky High.
I wish I had a gold metallic that I could have stamped with instead but make do with what we have! I also cut my nails down some cause my pointer finger keeps peeling at the tips so going to try and stop this! More stamping to come now that my nails aren't long. This sparkle is going to look amazing when I go to the beach tomorrow!!
How do you like my version?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Polka Dots

This is a fun mani, so simple and can be fun to do with a combination of any colors!
My base color was NYC: Sidewalkers. The colors I used for dotting was China Glaze: Stone Cold, Sally Hansen: Silver Sweep, Nicole by OPI: Follow me on Glitter, Sally Girl: White, Art Club Nail Art Duo Pen: Black.
I don't have a dotting tool, so I just used the brushes to try and make dots. I like how they aren't perfect dots makes its more abstract.
I got a compliment at work with these "Your nails are sweet as shit" :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sparkle Gradient

I always love sparkle so I choose to try out sparkle gradient. :D
One coat of Nicole by OPI: Khloe had Alitlle Lam-Lam, than for the sparkle I used a brand that I found in Alabama, Spoiled color: Use Protection. Top coat Out the Door.
The way I did the gradient was a thin layer about 2/3 of the nail, than another sparkle layer on the top 1/3 of the nail.  I thought it was as effective as using a make up sponge, but easier and saved me time.
Hope you all love it!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

First Stamping Experience

When I started to search blogs I found out about a technique: nail stamping! I searched online and found that its pretty inexpensive so I HAD to have it, like all the other new nail polish products I hear about :) From there I found that bloggers called it Konading and that Konad was the main brand, with that I tried to find it at my local Sally store and was sad to hear they have nothing for nail stamping! Than I found out about the As Seen On TV, Salon Express, bought it at Rite Aid and here I am today!
I started with base coat Revlon Colorstay: Blue Slate. To add some shine since alone it's alittle boring I added Nicole by OPI: Count on Me. I liked the effect of this alot surprisingly! Top coat with Out the Door. Now to start with the nail stamping I used my Art Club Nail Art Duo white paint for the design. Choose a really simple design to start with, and I stamped! The flower design was my first and you can see how hard it is to center on the nail, so I tried a different design, the fireworks, centered better that time!
All I have to say is, easy but I need lots of practice!
Is this a worthy enough first try in your mind?
How do you feel about Konading/Nail Stamping??
Look forward to more designs to come!! :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Total Wow, With an Accent Finger

This mani is inspired by the blue skies on this day of 90 degrees in March!! Gosh I love this weather.
This was a simple mani, two coats of Studio M: Total Wow, expect only one coat on my accent finger. Than one coat of Nicole by OPI: A Million Sparkles for my accent finger. Top coat of SV to finish it off.
I love this mani, the sparkles are my favorite. The formula for A Million Sparkles is the best I have used, it covers the entire nail with one coat. I actually bought this color thinking it was gaudy looking in the bottle and would have fun trying to make it work. :D You cant see it in my picture very well, but the sparkles are small blue as the base, with little bigger silver circles, and than some pink fetti. If it didn't have the pink fetti it would be less gaudy for sure.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Black and Silver Squares

Here is one of the many patchwork nails you will see me post. I love these designs and incorporating four and three colors at a time.
 For the first color I used my favorite silver chrome, Sally Hansen Fast Dry: Silver Sweep. It only needs one coat and dry's SO fast don't even need to add SV to speed up drying time. Next I tape off a square and added Icing: Glamourous, than SV. Then same process for next square with using Nicole by OPI: Follow me on Glitter, part of the Kardashian Kolors Collection. I really liked how this looked but my original plan was to add black...

 And tah dah! my finished patchwork. I wanted to have a black and silver mani and chose 2 sparkles in each color to give me my four colors! So much fun.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Periwinkle Mani

The weather has been so nice that I wanted to brighten my nails up and periwinkle is such a springy color! You don't see much of this color.
I walked by the display for Nicole by OPI, Kim Kardashians Colors and love the new color Nothing Kim-Pares to Blue. In my picture it shows up a lot, but  they blend better in real life so to say. The color is very delicate and has alittle shimmer to it. Next for the middle stripe I tape off 3/4 of the nail with scotch tape and apply Wet n Wild: Rain Check. Lastly is my new favorite polish that Wet n Wild has came out with. There are 5 new colors from Wet n Wild Coloricon Be Jeweled Collection.

I have mine pictured above, you can kind of see all the sparkles but not the gradient in the polish. The name of this one is Speak when Spoken To, I applied this for the top stripe and than a coat of SV to finish the mani.
You can kind of see how my lines are diagonal instead of plan horizontal. Also ignore the shininess of my cuticles, wasn't completely perfect with my SV.
Hope everyone loves this one!

Friday, March 16, 2012

St Patty Day!

I'm so fortunate my first design post will be for St Patty's Day! Not that I am a huge fan of this holiday but hey way not wear some green nails, when else would be an excuse to?
So to begin with for this mani, I started with the Nicole by OPI, Kardashian Kolor Collection: Khloe had a Little Lam-Lam one coat, than my top coat SV. Next I covered that with Essie's: Dive Bar. I thought that it would give it more shine than it actually did, so really you could skip this step. Now to add my design I used craft scissors you find at any store. I got a tub of 12 scissors at Hobby Lobby for 6.50! Love me some bargains. With those I cut some circle labels, since my scissors don't cut my normal scotch tape. Taped off half of my nail vertically and applied Sinful Colors: Mint Apple. Than the top coat SV to finish it off :)
You could do this design with so many different colors and ways. The Nicole by OPI color is really wonderful for a green. I can see myself wearing it on its own for a simple mani. Dive Bar by Essie was disapointing, the color in the bottle looks way better than on the nail.
Hope you enjoyed this mani, and have fun tomorrow for St Patty's Day!!