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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Better than Sex Water Marble

In the Sun!
We have all heard about better than sex desserts, here is a water marble that is very fitting to this title. I have searched for a sparkle polish that you can marble with and finally found Color Club Take Wing Collection. These polishes are beautiful in the bottle and for such a cheap price I bought them all :D
To start with I used my Layla Hologram: Mercury Twilight 3 coats for base. For the Marbling Colors I used Color Club: Metamorphosis, Fly With Me, and Wing Fling. Top coat of Out the Door.
There you have it, the polishes to have the better than sex nail design. Of course you can choose differnt colors for the design but the key to making it shine like no other is the Hologram base color! Your really cant get enough of it when your in the sun, which is perfect for summer time!!
Right Hand, Shade
Left Hand, Shade

Thumb, In the Sun. Check out the Hologram

Thumb, In the Shade
 Have you found other sparkle polishes that work with water marbling?