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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holographic Holidays: Holiday Traditions

For today's post I have my take on Holographic Holiday Traditions! For my mani today I am using the HD plate series that just arrived last friday. My traditions are Christmas Lights, Baking, and Christmas Tree.
Base color is butter LONDON: Pillar Box Red than I applied Spectraflair and used plates HD07, 08, 10 with Konad Special White, to finish it off I applied another coat of Spectraflair :)
I choose these three traditions for my mani because they are my absolute favorite things about Christmas! When I lived at my parents I would always want to help my dad with putting the lights on the house. Baking to me and my siblings is one of our favorite traditions, every year we try out different recipes. Lastly of course who doesn't like decorating the Chirstmas tree!
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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

LDTTWC, Day 7, Your Timless to Me!

One challenge left after todays! I can't believe how fast this challenge went. I hope you all have been enjoying my creations, today is in honor of something that has NEVER gone out of style. My two ideas was little black dress and pearls. I choose pearls, check out my strand of pearls...
The base color is Zoya: Avery, NYC: Sidewalkers, China Glaze: White on White, and Spectrafliar. Top coat of Out the Door.
The base color is a nude to represent skin, like the neck with pearls on it. Spectraflair added shine, I used dotting tools to create the pearls.
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Stamping over Holos (pic heavy)

This mani is one of my new favorite design for nails. Since I was able to stamp with Orly on my last mani I wanted to try out other colors that would work with stamping. Than I thought about stamping over holo's, and since I don't own many holo's I used spectraflair to create my own holo.
I started with one coat China Glaze: Mediterranean Charm, than I added one coat of spectraflair. Stamping with Mediterranean Charm I used plate BM-323. Top coat of Out the Door.
I got many pictures to try and capture all the angles of the sun hitting it and show how the stamp pops off of the background.

This is how it looks in the shade/normal lightning
I love this effect! It is subtle since it is the exact same color on top of each other with only spectraflair in between and it doesn't warp the base color.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Dots with Spectraflair

Today I have a quick mani to show you. Using spectraflair once again :)
My base color is Orly: Plum Noir, used my dotting tool with Spectraflair Top Coat to place dots on vertical to the side of the nail, and top coat of Out the Door.
Very simple mani that anyone can do, the dots in the holo looked like rainbows in the sun was gorgeous.
I went shopping later in the day and came home with a Nicole by OPI Texture:Opal Texture I found on clearance, I couldn't wait to try it out and thought "hey it might look good over this mani" Sadly it didn't crackle at all, but it turned into a matte like finish with sparkles. Check it out.
I think what may have caused it not to shatter was that it had a top coat applied, but I will have to try the shatter on it's own soon to find out if that was my problem. I still love the effect that it did give this mani.
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Friday, August 3, 2012

Spectraflair Diagonal Stripes

Today I have another fun design I did using the Spectraflair Top Coat. I wanted to show how the polish transforms the base color, so I did some peak thru stripes.
To start my base color is Sally Hansen Insta Dri: Snappy Sorbet. Using my striping tape I taped off diagonal stripes, than applied a coat of Spectraflair. Quickly removed the tape and top coat of Out the Door.
I choose a lighter color this time to see how well Spectrafliar would look over and I like how subtle this design is. You can still see the rainbow effect, I think this polish is going to be lots of fun in the future.
I wonder if it would stamp well?? :)

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Holo Gradient

I recently bought Spectraflair top coat off of etsy from Pretty Polish, and have been wanting to do a fun design with it. I decided upon doing a gradient since it has also been awhile since I have done one. This is also my first time using three colors for a gradient rather than two.
Colors I used were, Zoya: Kendal, OPI: Pamplona Pink, Orly: Plum Noir, Spectraflair Top Coat.
Macro shot of the holo greatness!

Here is a picture also of just the gradient alone, which is gorgeous also!
Wow I love this mani! The holoness is amazing, and the colors are gorgeous. I think I am going to like the spectraflair topcoat alot. It is the cheapest holo top coat that also comes in a 15mL bottle rather than smaller bottles like Glitter Gal and Hits.