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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Two Tutorials with KKCenterHK Brush Set

 photo me_zps76cb00ed.png photo button_zpsc89bd61d.png

As I mentioned yesterday I have two tutorials to share with you today. One is how I created the stamping decal and the other is for the feather brush design from yesterday mani's.

First Up is creating a nail decal.

1. Stamp the design on your chosen stamper and start to fill in the areas with your chosen colors. 
I have shown a colored in mermaids hair and face.
As you can see this detail brush is perfect for filing in small areas.
2. Once your entire imaged is colored in put a coat of top coat over the image, let dry completly.
3. Carefully pull the decal off your stamper (as shown above)
4. With a sticky base place the decal onto your nail.
5. Clean off the excess with brush of acetone and top coat to secure and finish off your decal.

Next is a simple tutorial for Feather Brush Design

1. Start with your base color
2. Place polish at the tips of the feather brush
3. Swipe from left to right across your nails
4. Same motion with second color
5. Top coat and clean up cuticles

As you can see with my nail decal it is important to get all the tiny areas filled in, I have a few spots on the mermaids face that isn't perfect. The fan brush design is fun to do with many different colors, and you could do more than two.
have you tried any of these two techniques yet?

You can find this brush set here for only $13.75.  KKCenterHK is a great website to find tons of items for nail art.  If you haven't visited this site yet you should really go and check out all they have to offer for nail decor, make sure to use my 10% off code below!!