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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Quick Stray Away From the Norm..

First off Happy Halloween!! I am a bad blogger today, I don't even have halloween nails for you :( Sorry for the absentee last two days, my laptop was having problems, than I also have had a sore throat since saturday so I have been lazy with painting my nails.
Today I wanted to share with you a jewelry company that two of my coworkers have on etsy, V&H Designs. We all know how wonderful etsy is for finding one of kind items and especially some sweet nail polish brands. These two girls create alot of unique and beautiful jewelry pieces, I wanted to share with you what they made me :) First off what I asked for was a purple and white flower necklace, check out this beauty!
Each petal is indivualy made and placed together out of clay. I even love the ribbon and cord as the necklace part. They make bracelts, necklaces, and rings!! They have some cute button rings you need to check out!
I really wanted to share this piece with you also, It is compeletly gorgeous!!
To view more of their work visit their etsy shop, V&H Designs here.