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Friday, March 21, 2014

Freehand Herringbone

~nothing to disclose~

It's finally Friday! Have you ever noticed how bad I always want the weekend? lol It's only going to  get worse when it's summer time too. Now for my mani today, I attempted free handing herringbone pattern. I had help doing this from two pins, you can view here and here. I had to use both together since I felt like one missed a step and the other was more clear. Nonetheless it turned out, check it out below!

orly sally hansen freehand herringbone pciture polish violet femme silver sweep platinum silver grape artistorly instant artist sally hansen freehand herringbone pciture polish violet femme silver sweep platinum silver grape artist

Orly Instant Artist: Platinum Silver and Grape
Sally Hansen: Silver Sweep

After getting the hang of free handing the herringbone it actually is simple. I thought these two colors look so cool together, they are actually both striping polishes. 
Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Marry a Millionaire Skittlette

 photo me_zps76cb00ed.png

 Morning lovelies, hope everyone had a great weekend. I have a simple skittlette today that was inspired off of the China Glaze color Marry a Millionaire.

China Glaze: Marry a Millionaire
Zoya: Mira
piCture pOlish: Honey Dew
Sally Hansen: Silver Sweep
Cheeky Jumbo Plate 10

I really enjoyed wearing this mani all weekend. I love when you find a hidden gem in your collection like Marry a Millionaire. I also would of never thought that mint green and purple would look so great together.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

BPS Seashell Stud, Review

 photo me_zps76cb00ed.png photo button_zpsc89bd61d.png

Morning lovelies! I some super cute seashell studs from the Born Pretty Store to review today. I feel like this mani describes exactly where I wish I could, the Beach! I do have to apologize for the weird colored pictures, I was trying to get the most accurate color depiction. It's a very neon coral and my camera did not capture that at all. The second photo is the closet to most accurate.

Color Club: Reign in Spain
piCture pOlish: Sparkle
Sally Hansen: Silver Sweep
Cheeky Jumbo 2

As you can see there are two different sizes of the seashell stud. I just adore the smaller ones which are 3mm even the 5mm ones fit on the nail well. I applied with nail glue and top coat on top, these babies aren't going anywhere!

You can find these seashell studs here for only $1.99. They come in gold and silver in both the 3 and 5mm. The Born Pretty Store really has so much to offer in nail art items, they also offer free International shipping. Make sure to use my coupon code below for 10% off!!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Couple of Family Mani's

Good Morning. Last night I was with my family celebrating my brothers birthday so I didn't get a chance to do my own nails. Instead I did my sister's and soon to be sister in law. So I thought I would share their nails today to give you something to look at :D I took these photos with my phone so sorry about the quality.

Color Club: Poetic Hues
Zoya: Pepper
Picture Polish: Voodoo
Essie: Good as Gold
Cheeky Jumbo Home Sweet Home

Color Club: Poetic Hues
 Lime Crim: Parfait Day 
OPI (Forgot name)

Top mani is my soon to be sister in law. She wanted a fall design and I am very pleased to say that Zoya: Pepper is a gorgeous color to stamp with. Lower mani is my sister's mani she liked my Weave Pattern mani but wanted it in maroon and light pink.

I won't have a post for you tomorrow since I will be busy with wedding prep for my friends big day, saturday :D I'll be back monday with my bridesmaid mani! Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Born Pretty Store Feather Polish, Review

 photo button_zpsc89bd61d.png photo me_zps76cb00ed.png

Good morning lovelies, hope your Wednesday is off to a good start. Today I have some swatches of new Feather polishes from the Born Pretty Store. Feather polishes are becoming a huge trend like textures polishes, I have been on the fence with these glitters and decided to give them a try.

There are 8 different colors in the feather collection and I have the two above to share with you. I am very pleased with the size of these bottles, below are my swatches.

Lime Crime: Lavendairy
piCture pOlish: Violet Femme
Feather #8

 This one is my favorite of the two, obviously because it is purple. The formula was a tad thicker then blue feather, but was still very easy to apply. Below is some macro images with bottle shot as well.

For being my first feather polish I am a huge fan! Next I have the blue feather to share with you.

Lime Crime: Once in a Blue Mousse
Kiss Nail Art: Soft Blue
Feather: #1

I also really like this color combination. The light blue with white is very summery. I had no problems with this formula. Below is some macro images with bottle shot as well.

One thing to point out about these polishes is that they are very shiny. From other swatches I have seen of these feather type polishes they aren't usually glittery. I think it was great they added to this finish. I just may pick up a couple more of these polishes!

These polishes are currently on sale for 3.99, normally 4.99. You can purchase these colors here, as well as check out the other 6 available color combinations.The Born Pretty Store really has so much to offer in nail art items, they also offer free International shipping. Make sure to use my coupon code below for 10% off!!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Micro Steel Beads Review

 photo me_zps76cb00ed.png photo button_zpsc89bd61d.png

I don't know about you but boy I wish it was still the weekend! Never the less we have arrived to another Monday. I have a review of 3D steel ball caviar beads from the Born Pretty Store to show you today.

These beads came in small Ziploc bags and I transferred them into this nail decoration wheel. There are 12 colors, and each one has a fair amount beads. Below is how I used them for a mani.

Rue 21: Cotton Candy
piCture pOlish: Honey Dew

Here is a close up to see how far these beads stick up off the nail. They stay very well intact with one layer of top coat. I also didn't notice any of them catching on clothing or my hair.

To purchase this set of Steel Caviar Beads for only $3.33 click here. The Born Pretty Store really has so much to offer in nail art items, they also offer free International shipping. Make sure to use my coupon code below for 10% off!!

Monday, June 17, 2013

First Skittlette

 photo me_zps76cb00ed.png

Good Morning and Happy Monday readers, I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! I had a crazy busy weekend and am tired out already for this work week. Today I am trying out the skittlette design technique that Marta from Chit Chat Nails is famous for. She recently had a tutorial of how to create a successful skittlette mani, you can find it here. In short the difference between a skittle mani and a skittlette is that instead of all different nails (skittle mani) it has two sets of alike designs with one different BUT in the end all the designs look pleasing together.

piCture pOlish: Coral Reef
OPI: Golden Ryder
Sinful Colors: Black on Black and White on White
Cheeky Jumbo: European Romance

One set of my alike designs is the two stamped nails than the other set is the coral with stud that is on both pointer and thumb nail. I choose a simply black and white design with coral and gold since they coordinate well together. I defiantly love how this turned out but to get even better ideas on skittlette mani's you must visit Chit Chat Nails, all of Marta's designs are gorgeous!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Neon Freehand Chevron

 photo me_zps76cb00ed.png

Today I am breaking back into neons, in fact tomorrow I'll have another neon mani! My design today was inspired by this mani. I really loved the edgyness of the freehand chevron and it looked simple to do so I just had to try it.

piCture pOlish: Violet Femme
Studio M: Neon Green
Sinful Colors: White on White

My chevron isn't the best, I really need to find a better detailing brush. I absolutely love the color combination of neon green and purple, I know I will be using these colors a lot this summer. This design was super simple to achieve and just imagine all the color combination possibilities!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Skittle Mani

 photo me_zps76cb00ed.png

Friday before Easter and I got the cutest spring mani for you to celebrate it with. My inspiration for these colors came upon my recent shopping trip for an Easter outfit.  Coral and mint green are all over the spring styles. I could not find any new shirts in a different color, and frankly I am in love! Here is my take on coral and mint green collaboration.

piCture pOlish: Honey Dew and Coral Reef
butter LONDON: West End Wonderland and Matte Effect
Art Club Nail Art Duo: Black and White
Lime Crime: Milky Way
Color Club: Cherubic

This is my favorite skittle mani to date! I also decided that the best glitter nail is with a hologram base coat, it really gives the glitter alot more depth. Have you yet to see these color combinations in  stores or even on your own nails? Hope everyone has a great weekend and I'll have a quick Easter nail post for you on Sunday!!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Stamping Sunday: Crazy Neons

I hope everyone is having a great weekend, I know I am sad that it is already Sunday! I recently joined a new group Adventures in Stamping and choose to participate in their Stamping Sunday event. We voted for our theme and crazy neon's won! I also recently bought some flocking powder that was on clearance and it happened to be neon's so I choose to incorporate them!


 Studio M: Neon Green Light and Neon Pink
piCture pOlish:Violet Femme
NYC: Water Street Blue
Flocking Poweder

I have to say these are some bold nails, It kind of looks weird... It was still a lot of fun to make and can't wait for more neon's coming this summer! Enjoy the rest of this beautiful Sunday!