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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

OMG a UFO with Geometric Stamping

 photo me_zps76cb00ed.png

Happy Wednesday readers, I am happy that this week is half way over. How is the weather holding up for you? Here in Michigan we are getting more rain it's hard to believe May is around the corner. Today I have a China Glaze Hologram to share, I found it on ebay for 4.25 and figured I would give them a shoot despite the bad reviews. I have a quick swatch and some nail art.

 China Glaze: OMG a UFO

This is shown with two coats. I tried a base coat on one nail and defiantly experienced balding and bad application. It applies with ease on the bare nail (no base coat) and I do like how fast it dries. You can see how the hologram is more subtle, I also like how this color is more different than other holo's. Check out the geometric stamping I did on top of this base color below.

Sinful Colors: Black on Black and White on White

I REALLY like this mani, it's very psychedelic and totally different from what I usually wear. I originally wasn't sure if I should stamp with black or white and decided why not use both. I really like how it turned out! Have your tried any of the China Glaze Holograms? Do you plan on getting any if you haven't yet?

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Stamping Sunday: Dots!

It's a beautiful Sunday in Michigan, the sun is shinning and the snow it melting :) As long as I stay in all day I wont have to deal with the cool wind! The stamping challenge for today is to stamp and also use our dotting tools. I choose a stamp that is a dot gradient so it made it easy for me to go over some dots with another color.

Hard Candy: Crush on Caribbean
Sally Hansen: Silver Sweep
Sinful Colors: White on White

Here is a swatch of Crush on Caribbean alone, its two coats. This is one of the new Crushed Chromes shades from Hard Candy. I really love this color alone it is sooo vibrant! Of course this color really makes me want to go and grab some more from this collection! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

31 DC, Day 8: Duochrome, Flakie, or Holo

Horah it is already Wednesday, two weeks left for this work week :) Hopefully you didn't wake up to more snow than when you fell asleep like I did.  For today's challenge post I choose to do a duo-chrome and holo!

Sinful Colors: Black on Black
Ozotic: 505
Northern Lights 

I added the Northern Lights to give it some holo sparkle. I won this Ozotic polish from Llarowe and finally have swatched it. Duo-chromes are hard to photograph since you have to catch the color shift. Adding the holo sparkles really made me think of Enchanted  Polish: Across the Universe. To see the comparison check my swatch of that here. Let's see what the others choose for their Day 8 mani below.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Twenty Seven Polish: Pride, Swatch (Pic Heavy)

I have a quick indie glitter swatch today. I bought this polish a long time ago it seems and never knew what color to pair it with since its so vibrant! When I got my Lime Crimes I decided to go with the lime green, check it out below :)

My base color is Lime Crime: Pastelchio with one coat of Pride, top coat of Out the Door.

Awesome glitter shapes and colors!
I love the label!
This is a super fun glitter top coat. Its a rainbow in a bottle! I used the dabbing technique to apply the glitters. If you don't have a glitter like this I suggest you buy this one!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Across the Universe!! (Pic Heavy)

SOOO excited for today's post, for one I have my first Enchanted Polish and secondly NEW CAMERA!! It was an early birthday present and I couldn't be any more excited to get some better quality pics for you to droll over :)

I started with two coats of China Glaze: VIII, than one coat of Enchanted Polish: Across the Universe with top coat of Out the Door.

Check out the purple to blue color shift :)

I DIE whenever this color shifts to view!
So I really love the sparkle you see, it isn't really a good pic, but look at all those colors!!! DANG!
This color is GORGEOUS, blue and purple with hologram sparkles. Also the formula is amazing applies so flawless. I don't think I'll ever take this polish off!! Hopefully I'll be able to snag another Enchanted Polish someday! Make sure to visit Llawore and subscribe to find out about restock's and such.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

CG Tranzitions With MANY Top Coats

Today I have one of the new China Glaze Tranzitions. After seeing so many swatches lately I wasn't sure if I would buy any of these, but I was in Sally's saw them and had to take at least one ;) I also was very curious about what top coats could change the color of these and surprisingly I haven't heard much about if you have to use the China Glaze Top Coat or not. I decided not to buy the top coat and try out mine along with some fun top coats, check out the swatches below...

Here is one coat of China Glaze Tranzitions: Split Perso-nail-ity and I used my beloved Out the Door Top coat for this design, but I also tried out Seche Vite on my thumb and got the same result.

Here I have 4 different top coats two glitters and two special effects.  I have a bottle shot for each of the top coats so you can see how they have a more clear base which makes you still be able to see the color change.
 From left to right we have Color Club: Snowflakes, Pretty Polish: Spectraflair Top Coat (Hologram), 365 Days of Color: Old Time and Nicole by OPI: Opal Texture (Crackle).

WOW I can not believe how awesome this polish is. I mean the concept to use just a regular top coat to change color neat but than you can add effect and sparkle top coats and still change the color, awesome!  Also this polish applies sooo easily and was a true one coater. If you are like me and thought about passing these up I would suggest you at least get one :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

CrowsToes: Merope, Swatched

 First post of the New Year!! I am also excited to announce that I now have a light box, so my pictures will hopefully turn out better :) I have a swatch of a new brand to me, CrowsToes, I made the mistake of checking out Llarowe website and made a few purchases recently :S I am pretty sure it's impossible to leave her site without buying any polish so beware! ;)
Two coats of CrowsToes: Merope with top coat of Out the Door.
This was a difficult polish to capture the color. It shifts from a purple to blue with a grey base. It really is lovely in person, very happy to have this polish.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Shimmer Polish! Lisa Swatched (Pic Heavy)

Hello beauties! I have been pretty busy this winter break sorry for the lack of post. Today I am very excited to share with you my first Shimmer polish and it happens to be Custom, named Lisa :) I have been wanting a custom Shimmer polish for months and decided to ask Santa for it!! I asked for Purple as my main glitter with Silver and Golds, check out what I got!!!
My undies are Ulta: Lav-ish, I only applied one coat of Shimmer: Lisa since its glitter packed :) Top coat of Out the Door. Application is so easy for such a glitter packed polish, it's not to thick but you also don't have to place the glitter.
bonus pic with bottle
Macro Shoot!
I am totally rocking my nubby nails with this polish, it is so sparkly and pretty!! One thing that is off for the custom polish is that it doesn't have a gold sticker but who cares when the polish looks like that! This was defiently my favorite Christmas present.
If you are interested in getting your own custom polish check out her website here.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Volleyball Nail Art and Swatch

My nails today are for a volleyball game tonight. My cousin is on my old highschool volleyball team and they are making their way up the tournament, hoping for states!! I also had a mini haul at Ulta over the weekend, thanks to my $5 coupon!! So I have a swatch of a new OPI DS to show you :)
Nail art first, this is over three coats of OPI DS: Magic. I used Art Club Nail Art Duo Pen in black and white for the volleyball, and  in Neon Yellow for #9. Top coat of Out the Door. Below is the swatch of just three coats of OPI DS: Magic.
This blue is perfect for the school colors of Blue and Yellow, I am excited to watch my cousin play tonight as well. DS: Magic is SO sparkly just like the other DS's if only the sun would of came out I could of had a much better picture.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Models Own, Swatch and Nail Art

Wahoo today I am showing you my first Models' Own polishes!! Couple months ago they had a sale for half off and figured I should grab some. I got five polishes and today I am showing you two, so far they are my favorites :)
First up is my swatch of Pinky Brown Beetle Juice. Shown is two coats with top coat of Out the Door. Great formula and brush was easy to use.
I than used Mystic Mauve and created a gradient of dots starting at the base of the nail. Using large dotting tool first and moving to smaller as I reach the tip of the nail.
These colors are sooo shiny! I love deep burgundys and that is what Pinky Brown is. Also excited to use Mystic Mauve with other purples :)
Do you own any Models' Own? Which is your favorite?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Glitter Daze Swatches

I have two swatches of a new indie brand to me, its Glitter Daze! I bought some samples recently and am excited to share them with you today! First up is a gorgeous coppy/rose shimmer, Prima Donna.
Base color is Essie: Penny Talk, with two coats of Glitter Daze: Prima Donna, top coat of Seche Vite. This is another one of those glitters that make you feel like your wearing expensive polish, so shiny!
Next up is a purple shimmer and sparkle, Upgrade You!

Base color is one coat of Sally Hansen: Lavendar Cloud, two coats of Glitter Daze: Upgrade You, top coat of Seche Vite. This glitter is a white jelly base that you could build on its own for complete opacity. A fun surprise in this polish is the light lime green glitters, which goes great with the purple! Here is a macro shoot to show you the mini purple shimmer, its really gorgous!!
Yet another amazing indie brand! I am just a sucker for all the glitter, it surely is amazing what some of the girls can come up with :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

BPS- Gold Glitter Swatch

A quick glitter swatch post today, this one is amazing I feel like im worth a billion dollars wearing this sparkle gold!
Base color is one coat of Essie: Gold as Gold, with one Coat of Born Pretty Store: Gold Glitter. Top coat of Seche Vite.
You could probably get away with two coats of this glitter on its own if you really want a glitter bomb, its packed full. Make sure to visit The Born Pretty Store and check out all their awesome nail polish related items. You can also get 10% off with code- MLE10W21!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tip Top Nails, Review, Part 2

Today I have the rest of my goodies from Tip Top, last colored polish I received is a copper brown metallic, named Coffee Mellow.
Pictured is two coats of Coffee Mellow, with Out the Door top coat. Formula and brush were perfect and dry time was quicker than the other polishes I showed you yesterday.  It has a great metalic finish and pretty fall color.

I also received french manicure nail polish set to try out. I was very excited for this chance, one thing I loved the most when younger was doing my own french manicures. Now I have the perfect set :)
Directions stated to start with white than wait for it to dry and apply two coats of the pink. The package also came with stickers to get the perfect line. My nail tips are shaped wierd and I don't like thick french tips so ignore the little sides that you can see natural tip line. The polishes applied very easily, french pink was so shiny and left such a smooth finish I didn't even use a top coat!!

My last item to review for you is Tip Top's cuticle treatment. One thing that I am not good at is keeping my cuticles moisturized, I know some of you see this in my pictures :S. Whenever I have down time at work I usually use my Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage Lotion. It just takes long and my hands get messy with the lotion so I was very excited to try this one out.
All you do is brush the oil on your cuticles like you are painting your nails. I found that the best time to apply this was as soon as I was complete with my mani, after clean up. I would let it soak for 5-10min, usually while polish is drying, than I washed my hands to remove extra oil.
One thing that I had a problem with was the brush ends seemed to be stuck together in certain places so was alittle hard to brush on. Not sure if this was just my brush default, either way having a brush is alot nicer than having to massage on lotion. My hands were mess free :) Formula seems to work great I can see a good difference in my cuticles and hopefully you can see them also in my photos!

Over all I enjoyed all of the polishes I received from Tip Top Nails. This is a great brand, I wish they had some stores near me to buy some more. I love trying out different brands and so happy I was able to show you all this one. Thanks so much Joan!

Please contact Joan thru email to purchase this polish.

*The products in this review were given/sent to me by Tip Top Nails in exchange for my honest opinion. The opinions within this review are completely my own.*

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tip Top Nails Review, Part 1

I am excited to share with you a brand that is new to me, Tip Top Nails. Tip Top is a South African nail enamel brand that has been used mostly in the professional market and is now available to us the consumers! Check out their website here. My first color to show you today is a really gorgeous shimmery pink.

This is two coats of Flamingo Pink. Top coat of Out the Door. The formula was amazing I could of got away with one coat but of course wanted to see how two coats look, and it really didn't make to much of a difference.
Also the color is so interesting, when I first looked at the bottle I thought was a red and when I applied it its like a bright salmon color. I kept looking at it to figure out  what color it is and I decided it truly is Flamingo Pink, think of the plastic flamingos to decorate lawn and it is exactly it!

I also got a crackle polish from Tip Top. U Crack Me Up, is a duo ended polish with crackle and a top coat.
Application is the same as other crackle polishes, one coat over a base color. It applied alittle streaky which I was scared was going to mess with the crackle but it turned out awesome! I really like how it didn't turn out bright white but with a pink tint. I haven't worn crackle in a long time and this was a nice refreshment.

Next color I have to show you is Purple Haze. Can you believe they sent me a purple sparkle! Its like she knew exactly what I would want :)
Base color is one coat of Wet n Wild, On a Trip. I did two coats of  Purple Haze just so I could get more sparkle!

I have no complaints with these polishes. I am really impressed with the Flamingo Pink and how well it covered. Formula is great and dry time was normal. I am excited to show you the other polishes I recieved!!

Please contact Joan thru email to purchase this polish.

*The products in this review were given/sent to me by Tip Top Nails in exchange for my honest opinion. The opinions within this review are completely my own.*

Friday, September 28, 2012

Dare 2 Be Square, Swatch

I have another one of my new Treasure by Tan for my NOTD. This one is Dare 2 be Square. I choose to get this polish cause I don't have any square glitter polishes and the colors were gorgeous.
For my swatch I wanted to combine all the glitter colors into one mani so I can show how they look on all the colors. I choose to do a checkerboard accent nail since it is also squares! Swatch colors are Sally Hansen: Silver Sweep, Orly: Charged Up,  Zoya: Shelby, and Robyn. Top coat of Out the Door.
Glorious bottle shot :)
Look how cute Tanya wrapped the polishes for delivery, even in my favorite color!! :) This polish was a great application once you mix it up well, only required one coat. This is a super fun glitter top coat! Make sure to check her shop out here.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Voo Doo, Swatch

I have a new etsy polish to show you today. I have been doing so many swatches of all the ones I bought along with having the challenge I have had no time to post these. To start I have Treasures by Tan: Voo Doo.
We all know my love for purple so when I found this diamond shape purple glitter polish I HAD to buy it. Such a gorgeous bottle shot.
My base color is Color Club: Twiggie. One coat of Voo Doo. Top coat of Out the Door.
Application was great for this polish, I got a good variety of glitters on each nail with out placing them. I choose to layer over lime green since there is some light green hex glitter and plus purple and lime green are gorgeous together!! So happy I bought this color, and I am excited to show you my next one later this week. Make sure to check out her etsy site here.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Diamonds and Stamping

I got my Birchbox last week and in that I got a cute little sample of one of the new Color Club Birch Box line, they made 4 named after social media sites, to buy one of them visit there site here.
The one I got is called Insta-This, it only took one medium coat for full coverage. Top coat of Out the Door.This is a bright pigmented blue, very fun color. I added some stamping and glitters to make a fun design.
I stamped with Sally Hansen: Silver Sweep, Stamping plate is BM-209, and the glitters I got at the Dollar Nail Art Store, they are silver diamonds. Here is a bonus pics in the sun.
This mani was awesome! It is so shiny I had a fun time starring at my nails whenever possible.
Did you get a birchbox this month, if so what color did you get?