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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Stamping Sunday: Crazy Neons

I hope everyone is having a great weekend, I know I am sad that it is already Sunday! I recently joined a new group Adventures in Stamping and choose to participate in their Stamping Sunday event. We voted for our theme and crazy neon's won! I also recently bought some flocking powder that was on clearance and it happened to be neon's so I choose to incorporate them!


 Studio M: Neon Green Light and Neon Pink
piCture pOlish:Violet Femme
NYC: Water Street Blue
Flocking Poweder

I have to say these are some bold nails, It kind of looks weird... It was still a lot of fun to make and can't wait for more neon's coming this summer! Enjoy the rest of this beautiful Sunday!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Velvety :)

Back from holiday break so to say. I had 4 days off from work and since I have yet gotten a laptop I was without interenet on a computer to write my posts! BUT I ordered a laptop during black friday so it is looking like I will have a computer by the end of this week!!
Now for my nails today I finally got around to trying out the velvet nails. I bought some flocking powder a long time ago and decided its about time to try it, I dont know why I put it off for so long!
My base color is piCture pOlish:Violet Femme, and I used purple flocking powder.
OMG this technique is flipping awesome!! I defiantly was thinking that it was going to be a terrible mess all day and just crumble off, but I was wrong. I was able to take a shower and it stayed fluffy! I wore it for a day and had small chip wear, which is normal for any polish for me. I am sorta addicted now and think I may have to go out and buy a whole set of these wonderful flocking powders :)
One week left in my giveaway! Make sure to get your daily entries in!!